Tucker Saying Schools And Hospitals Doing 'Sex Crimes' To People's Kids, Telling Them To 'Fight Back'

We'd say Tucker Carlson was escalating, except he's been like this for a long time. We'd say he wasn't being subtle anymore, but when was the fish stick white nationalist from La Jolla ever subtle?

Still, we do feel like a bunch of lawyers probably will want to go ahead and file the clip in this post away somewhere, just in case one of the homophobic Nazi white supremacists who worship him goes off and commits an act of terrorism against a teacher, a school, a hospital, a random member of the LGBTQ+ community, or anybody else he's inciting violence against in this clip.

We feel like there is historical precedent for just 100 percent making up lies about a group of people, in such a way that serves to justify violence against them. Today's clip is of course part of the transgender panic infecting the right wing, and the lies they swallow about evil doctors castrating children against their own and their parents' wills, and about teachers "sexualizing" kids. This has recently led to harassment and at least one bomb threat — you know, the one they pretended was fake until the FBI made an arrest — against children's hospitals. (A note again, because we feel like this point keeps getting lost in the stories about "bomb threats against children's hospitals: CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS ARE FULL OF SICK CHILDREN.) These have been largely incited by deranged people like Chris Rufo, the admitted liar who manufactured the Critical Race Theory controversy out of whatever he found in his butt that day, and Chaya Raichik, the demented troll who for some reason is still allowed to have a Twitter account called Libs of TikTok.

Here is a really long Tucker Carlson quote and video. Note how he pivots back and forth from lying to incitement, from lying to incitement. Today the targets are LGBTQ+ people, teachers, trans kids, their parents, and medical professionals.

TUCKER CARLSON: What exactly are teachers talking to my kids about? What's a human sexuality lecture look like in my sixth grader's class? [...] The reality of all this, behind the euphemism, is horrifying. It's sexualizing children. And they go completely hysterical when you point that out because it's true.

Or because Tucker and his ideological cohorts are lying and history is well aware of what happens when people like that incite the mob with lies about people hurting or abusing or murdering children.

TUCKER: And the real question is, "Why is everyone else putting up with this?" In a healthy country, with an intact social fabric, neighborhood dads would give out instant justice to anyone who even thought about sexualizing their kids.

The lie, then the incitement. And because Tucker has these well-documented masculinity issues, it's the DADS doin' INSTANT DAD JUSTICE.

TUCKER: And if you doubt that, go out and try it in Bulgaria or South Africa or the Solomon Islands. Good luck. Let us know how that ends, if you can still speak.

Tucker just got back from a research trip to Bulgaria and South Africa and the Solomon Islands. Met a lot of dads.

TUCKER: These are not people who want to leave you alone or your kids alone. These are weirdos getting creepy with other people's children. That's exactly what it is. Say it. Say it. That's what it is.

These are teachers. They are doctors.

TUCKER: These are sex crimes. And the people committing them should be punished.

The lie, then the incitement. Hey, remember when that guy drove cross-country because he heard Hillary Clinton was sex-trafficking kids in the non-existent basement of a DC pizza joint, so he shot it up just in case?

TUCKER: Now, try and say that out loud anywhere but on Fox News. You can't. Why can't you? Because it's true, that's why.

Or maybe because it's a lie, and only Fox News has a legal department and the financial resources to go into court and argue with a straight face that nobody in their right mind should take Tucker Carlson seriously.

TUCKER: You can't say the true things. You can claim that the Earth is flat and no one gets exercised. But when you start saying things like "All lives matter" or "Sexualizing my children is a crime and if you keep it up, I'm going to hurt you because I am the dad" — say that? You're done.

"Sexualizing my children is a crime and if you keep it up, I'm going to hurt you because I am the dad." The lie, and then the incitement.

And yes, this is all incredibly dangerous, because of the effect this kind of rhetoric can have on weak, stupid rightwing types who don't know any better, but if you're also uncontrollably laughing at this, we understand, because "I AM THE DAD!" It's Little Man Syndrome gone wild!

TUCKER: Libs of TikTok was being banned from the internet — why? Because it showed documentary evidence of what was happening.

It lies and incites the morons with out-of-context things they can't possibly understand in their sheep brains.

TUCKER: Some people described what was happening as grooming. We are not exactly sure what that means,

He never knows what the rightwing buzzword du jour means, it is one of his gimmicks.

TUCKER: but if it's sexually abusing children — yeah, that is what's happening.

The lie, then the incitement.

TUCKER: But the term groomer is now hate speech, says NBC News. [...]

What you're seeing is a society that hates children. You would have to hate children in order to sexualize them. Because sexualizing children screws them up for life — ask anyone to whom it has happened — period. No one should put up with this. No parent should put up with this for one second, no matter what the law says. Your duty — your moral duty — is to defend your children. This is an attack on your children and you should fight back.

The lie, the incitement, the lie, the incitement, the lie, the incitement.

"No matter what the law says."

"Your duty — your moral duty."

"You should fight back."

Against teachers and children's hospitals and drag queens and whoever else Tucker's viewers are scared of today.


The graphic says "Kink For Kids."

You know, in case you have the sound off, Tucker and his producers want to make sure they can infect your brain with this garbage.

Want more? Here's more.

For the record, we have discussed this before and we're not going to write it again, but fundamentalist Christians are the vilest groomers on the planet, and the real reason they are angry and calling others "groomers" is that they are having a harder and harder time brainwashing their own children with anti-LGBTQ hate, because society is coming through with messages to those kids that tell them they are worthy of love just the way they are. They are mad that their own children might be LGBTQ and hear at school that it's OK, and that if their families are garbage, then just stick it out and one day you can leave them forever.

You know what LGBTQ people from shitty families do, at least the ones who survive? They leave them forever.

Oh, also, we should always note that every day there are one gabillion true and real headlines about pastors and youth group leaders sexually abusing children. It's kind of endemic to the conservative evangelical and Roman Catholic worlds, so when you see white conservatives trying to accuse drag queens and doctors and LGBTQ teachers of "grooming," you should assume they're at least trying to distract you from that.

This is only going to get worse.

[Media Matters]

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