Steve Bannon Is Going To Dissolve Democracy, In Our Butts!

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Steve Bannon Is Going To Dissolve Democracy, In Our Butts!

Love it when MAGA fascists like Steve Bannon do that thing where they just tell us who they are. Oh sure, you often have to read it as the opposite of what they're saying to get the truth, because they're delusional liars, but you really have to read it exactly opposite, because it's all projection. If they say Democrats are stealing elections, it is because they are and plan to. If they say Democrats can't win without cheating, it is because they know they cannot win without cheating. This is how all Big Lies work.

So here's Bannon on his internet teevee show, looking like he bought some new hair gel called "What I Found In My Underwear," and he is explaining how he is going to put all the "democracy" IN OUR BUTTS. And what he means by that is "fascism."

STEVE BANNON: It's going to be MAGA in the room, counting the votes, because only MAGA can count fair.

Projection. When he says "only MAGA can count fair," he means MAGA will lose all the "unfair" votes that don't result in MAGA "wins."

Hey, here's a picture of a scene at the end of Birth of a Nation. It is an election day where the MAGA types were very glad that the vote-counting would now be fair, because of how they were sitting outside the Black people's houses scaring them away from voting.

MAGA masturbation material

That movie sure is educational for these times we live in, oh golly.

Anyway, he's still talking:

BANNON: Let me repeat this for The New York Times and everybody else. The only way Democrats can win is if they cheat.

As we said above.

How many times has the Democrat won the popular vote in the last three decades? And how many times has the Republican still yet become the president? Yep, you betcha, we're the cheaters.

Anyway, just more projection, it's like a Mad Lib filled out upside down during a meth-making binge in a south Florida bathtub. Allegedly.

BANNON: That's why they're so scared about the election officials.

"Scared" is not the word. It's more that we just know precisely what tiny-dicked white supremacist MAGA fascists want to do our elections, and we want to make sure people are aware of that and fight back at every instance.

BANNON: Well, guess what?

What, Mr. Decomposing Body That Somehow Still Talks? Some more projection?

Yes, and also he is coming for our butts now.

BANNON: You're gonna get fair and honest election officials, and you're gonna get a democracy suppository.

Where the whites win! Whether you want it or not! Steve Bannon is going to FORCE democracy into your butt, and ... and ... MAKE IT DISSOLVE!

Steve Bannon is going to dissolve democracy, in our butts!

Wait, Steve Bannon is going to dissolve democracy, in our butts?

We take it all back, this man is being honest. We just didn't know Steve Bannon making American democracy disappear was going to be such an intimate experience.

BANNON: You've been loving up on democracy so much. We love it too. Well, you're gonna get a democracy suppository on the 8th of November.

Is this a good time to call the cops? We feel like we should call the cops. Yes, we know he's already under indictment in New York, but clearly he's still a free man, and he's obviously a clear and present danger right now.

In summary and in conclusion, these people are fuckin' weird, man.

[Media Matters]

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