EuroPolitico Positively Swooning Over Italy's New Girl-Boss Fascist Prime Minister

This week, the good and decent people of the world are recoiling as we see that, due to a terrible failure at coalition-building, Italy has decided to elect a 21st century Mussolini prime minister. Her name is Giorgia Meloni, and she seems like a real asshole, and if she is Christopher Meloni's estranged sister, we can understand why he wouldn't admit it. (She is not that.)

Obviously, America's fascists are drooling into their Corn Flakes over the new fascist Eye-talian lady ...

And all of that is to be expected, including Greene initially calling Meloni "Giorgio" and then hours later blaming it on "spell check."

We guess maybe it is also to be expected that Politico's European organ is doing the same kind of vapid human interest babbling about Meloni as Politico's Washington organ probably would be. In case you thought this might be a problem limited to what Charlie Pierce calls "Tiger Beat on the Potomac," wait until you see Tiger Beat on the Tiber.


You see what we did there? If you don't, LEARN A MAP.

Anyway, look at this shit PoliticoEurope put up this weekend, before all the votes were counted:

O rly, Europolitico? Did a 15-year-old schoolgirl go to a fascist youth group and and they looked at her funny, but look at her now, she just broke Italy's glass ceiling, with some more fascism?


And oh, they do.

They use that very stylish Getty Images pic of Meloni, which is full of attitude, and they tell us that what keeps Giorgia Meloni tethered to "the cause" is her patriotism and "an impulse to rebel." Ooh! Kids love a rebel!

The article traces Meloni's rise from being the only girl in fascist youth group to being Italy's first woman prime minister, and tells us that "Her rise is the story of a country choosing an outsider," which reminds us of some of the coverage we saw of Donald Trump in 2015.

It says it seeks to answer these questions:

What shaped her values? Where does she come from? How does Meloni think?

And how does she manage to balance being Italy's first woman Mussolini with everything else she's got going on?

On that summer’s day in 1992, Meloni must have seemed an unlikely right-wing radical. She came from the staunchly left-wing neighborhood of Garbatella in Rome. Schools like hers and universities in the area were dominated by the left. Merely belonging to the right was a revolutionary act.

Oh no, did the schools in the area do a cancel culturing?

In her book, “I am Giorgia. My roots, my ideas,” Meloni claims that her leftist teachers turned her final year exam into a kind of political show trial, until she threatened legal action.

We bet that's an exciting story that Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk clones will read all about with their hands in their pants.

EuroPolitico tells us that the fascist youth group consisted of "outsiders who came together for a greater purpose," and that girls like Meloni "even back then did not want special treatment." It's like feminism, but with hate!

Also, you think they were just rightwing nerds who only liked rightwing songs and only read rightwing books? No, they were way cooler than that:

At weekends, away in forests and monasteries, they sang songs by left-wing artists and appreciated left-wing writers such as Che Guevara, “because we shared their fight against indifference”, said [Nicola Procaccini, a fascist youth group recruit from around that time who is now an MEP for Brothers of Italy, Meloni's party].

Not only that, Giorgia Meloni also read other cool books also too:

Meloni’s favorites included Stephen King’s “The Stand,” and the novels of Tolkien, whose texts had been appropriated by an earlier generation of the Italian far right.

Neat! Just a regular kid with a copy of The Stand on her desk at school!

And what was her first concert and what is her most embarrassing moment and what is her favorite color and if she had to pick just one fascist genocide that was sexier than all the others, which is it and why?

Despite the masculine world Meloni inhabited, at times being a woman helped her. Her then-mentor Fabio Rampelli, now a Brothers MP, chose her to run as a provincial councillor, “because she was irreverent and sweet at the same time, and was perfectly placed to dispel the image of hard, pure far-right skinhead.”

Oh for God's sake.

“They call us monsters,” she has said. Such complaints are common to right-wing politicians across the world.


The news in this blog post is that if you are an American who ever thought of maybe one day just absconding to Europe or somewhere else abroad, and you were thinking one side benefit of that is you could get away from America's lazy-ass slobbering both sides fan-girling bullshit journalism, then haha, motherfucker, have you met the Politico's international work?


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