Cool How Trump Just Blabbed To Maggie Haberman About 'Incredible Things' He Stole From White House

Maggie Haberman's new book is coming out soon, and she just dropped some hot excerpts onto The Atlantic. And yeah, we know a lot of people are saying things to Haberman like "Hey WTF," because a lot of the informational tidbits she knows about Donald Trump might have been nice to know when she found them out, as opposed to her saving them for a book none of us is actually going to read.

But whatever, he's under criminal investigation, it's all happening. And Habes did us a solid a while back and wrote us a badass new Twitter bio. ("How did this website that used to be clever become such trash?" It is almost as good as the campaign slogan Dr. Oz wrote for John Fetterman about "kicking authority in the balls.") We can be nice once in a while.

Mostly we are just interested in some back-and-forths Trump and Haberman had about the Top Secret classified documents and presidential records he stole from the White House and put under his pillows at Mar-a-Lago for easy access. She asked him at Bedminster if he had taken anything from the White House, and he said, "nothing of great urgency, no." And then he started talking about the scratch-n-sniff porno love letters Kim Jong-un sent him, and Haberman was like "You were able to take those with you?"

To which he replied:

He kept talking, seeming to have registered my surprise, and said, “No, I think that’s in the archives, but … Most of it is in the archives, but the Kim Jong-un letters … We have incredible things.”

No he didn't steal those except maybe he stole those but he has nothing of importance but also "we have incredible things."

Incredible things! Tremendous things! Incredible tremendous stolen documents!

Haberman's reporting also suggests Trump might somehow still be in contact with Kim Jong-un, which she's said before, but we think it might be interesting to the FBI and the CIA and the NSA, considering how Trump stole all America's secrets.

I was curious when Trump said he had kept in touch with other world leaders since leaving office. I asked whether that included Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping, and he said no. But when I mentioned North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, he responded, “Well, I don’t want to say exactly, but …” before trailing off. I learned after the interview that he had been telling people at Mar-a-Lago that he was still in contact with North Korea’s supreme leader, whose picture with Trump hung on the wall of his new office at his club.

Well, he doesn't want to say exactly, but he apparently brags to people at Mar-a-Lago that he's still talking to Kim Jong-un, one of America's most dedicated enemies.

So that's cool.

The rest of the piece is typical Haberman fare. Lots of gossip-y information, some of which is important, some of which is decidedly not. Details shared from three interviews she had with Trump in reporting out her book.

In March of 2021 at Mar-a-Lago, he whined at her that "the Old Crow" — Mitch McConnell — is a "piece of shit." She let him babble at her about the Russia witch hunt and whether he'd do it all over again, given the chance. And why? Because he knows rich people who aren't as famous as he is, and what is that even worth?

"The answer is, yeah, I think so. Because here’s the way I look at it. I have so many rich friends and nobody knows who they are.”

So what he took from the presidency was fame. Haberman notes he didn't say anything about public service, but does anyone think he would ever?

This exchange also happened there:

He started to explain why he doesn’t like when audiotapes of his interviews are released. Being on camera was “much different,” he said. “Whereas,” he said, in a “written interview, I’ll repeat it 20 times, because I want to drum it into your beautiful brain. Do you understand that?” He repeated himself again. “One of the things I’ll do, if I’m doing, like with you, for the written word, is I got to drum it into your head. So I’ll repeat something six times.”

Haberman says she was struck by the fact that Trump was aware that he said things six times in a row. We are struck by the notion that this bullshit was printed like it wasn't some clumsy attempt by the senile goat to explain why he babbles the same three sentences at people over and over again.

Oh yeah, also at some point in that conversation, he told his aides of Haberman, “I love being with her; she’s like my psychiatrist.”

If only.

A few weeks later, Haberman saw him again at Mar-a-Lago, where she says "He seemed to be going backward." Now he was obsessed with the Arizona fraudit to overturn the 2020 election he lost. He babbled at her about Sidney Powell. And he lied and swore to Haberman he was NOT watching TV all afternoon on January 6. (Yes he was.)

Indeed, he lied about how much he watched TV, in general:

“I didn’t usually have the television on. I’d have it on if there was something. I then later turned it on and I saw what was happening,” he said. He lied throughout that bit of our interview: “I had heard that afterward and actually on the late side. I was having meetings. I was also with Mark Meadows and others. I was not watching television.”

At the end of last summer, Haberman went to Bedminster, where she got to see Lindsey Graham suck up to Trump up close and personal. Apparently he just literally walked into the room and said, “The greatest comeback in American history!” Totally normal. And Trump looked at Haberman:

“You know why Lindsey kisses my ass?” he asked. “So I’ll endorse his friends.” Graham laughed uproariously.

Y'all we are imagining Lindsey Graham rolling around on the floor just losing it, and it is not pretty.

Anyway, that's where they talked about the letters Kim Jong-un would spray with his pee and draw flowers on and send to Trump, and how Trump maybe might be still long-distance dating him.

Habes says he wasn't super-mean about other people during that conversation, except when he was totally mean about people. For instance, when he called Chris Christie very fat.

“I was compared to him? Why? I didn’t know I had that big of a weight problem.” A small smirk followed.

Haberman noted that she's also been hearing Trump has been calling Ron DeSantis fat.

And that is the abrupt end of our blog post about the Maggie Haberman article, there are no more interesting facts, and now you definitely don't have to buy her book.

[The Atlantic]

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