'08 Money Going, As Money Generally Does, to Assholes

Hotline's running down the '08 money list, and it's looking increasingly like we'll be emigrating in '07. Here's what everyone has sitting in their big fat PACs:

* John Edwards, $7k cash, $108k (he does understand the other America! He's in debt up to his ass, just like them!)

* Mark Warner, $3.2 million on hand, some of it coming from Rachel Ray. So he's pretty much sunk.

* Evan Bayh, $967k

* Al Gore spent $40k on polling (they deny it's for '08)

* Hillary, of course, has almost $20 million

Here's how to keep score at home: for each candidate whose name sent a shiver of apprehension, disgust, or garment-renting despair up your spine, award yourself $2k of imaginary soft money. Now spend it planting stories about Mark Warner's inauthenticity or untested communication skill or something with Anne Kornblut.

'08 Money: Edwards and Gore [Hotline]

Pres' 08 Money: Warner [Hotline]


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