Nuremberg Rallies Are Back. Wonkagenda For Fri., Oct 11, 2019

Nuremberg Rallies Are Back. Wonkagenda For Fri., Oct 11, 2019

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

During a Minneapolis rally, Trump peddled his normal racist rightwing diatribes. He said cusses, did a creepy orgasm thing while whining about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, bitched about his looming impeachment, mocked Hunter Biden's history of substance abuse, called Rep. Ilhan Omar an "America-hating socialist," and suggested the city's Somali refugee community were somehow part of a grand scheme to kick white people out of their white supremacist covenants. Outside the rally pro- and anti-Trump protesters clashed, including the lobbing of a pee bomb, the burning of a MAGA hat, and some Nazi punching.

Next week one of Trump's former top aides on Russia and Europe is expected to tell Congress that Rudy Giuliani ignored the National Security Council and traditional White House procedures to peddle Ukrainium One. Ben Jacobs found video of a very sober Giuliani hanging out with his ALLEGED criminal cronies just last year at Trump's DC trash palace saying how he couldn't wait to head back to Ukraine. Last night Seth Meyers took A Closer Look at Rudy's friends that he suddenly doesn't remember.

Rudy Giuliani Associates Arrested as Support for Impeachment Rises: A Closer

One of Trump's TV lawyers thought the notion of Trey Gowdy joining their suicide squad was "a joke" because he "screwed up the Benghazi hearings" and told Trump to talk to Robert Mueller. The TV lawyer added Gowdy "didn't know shit" and was "not on the team." Gowdy has since been officially announced as a member of their crackpot team.

Michael McKinley, a distinguished career diplomat serving as a senior aide to Mike Pompeo, suddenly resigned. McKinley's curious resignation comes as giant cloud of sadness hangs over the inhabitants of Foggy Bottom toiling under Pompeo's rule.

Deutsche bank doesn't have Trump's taxes, according to a US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Upon hearing of the ruling, a former executive at Deutsche Bank reacted by saying, "Holy fuck," adding that it's "not normal."

Sen. Lindsey Graham got punked by those Russian pranksters who like to call up politicians and get them to say stupid crap. Graham, believing he was speaking to the Turkish defense minister, expressed sympathy for Turkey's genocide war on Syrian Kurds (despite publicly calling Trump "wrong" to "abandon the Kurds"), and notes Trump is interested in the "Turkish bank case" involving a personal friend of Rudy Giuliani, REXXON, and billions of dollars worth of laundered Iranian oil money.

Senate Republicans aren't committing to renewing the Trump Show if (and when) House Democrats move forward with more formal impeachment proceedings. Politico reports Trump World using a "carrot and stick" approach to keep senators from voting to #IMPEACH the motherfucker, threatening defectors with mean tweets and promising lapdogs endorsements and rallies. Meanwhile, some House Democrats think Nancy Pelosi should just rob the rightwing media smear machine of their only defense against impeachment and take a formal vote on an impeachment inquiry, but some complain a vote is moot as President Pampers is going to cry and stonewall them no matter what they do.

Trump's 2020 team is already trying to scrape together votes from obscure communities, like Polish American immigrants and the Amish. WaPo notes that there isn't a lot of data about US Poles at US polls since they don't vote as a bloc, but Polish nationalism from the country's ruling rightwing Law and Justice party coupled with Poland being added to the US's visa waiver program last week could prove to be enough for flyover country. As for the Amish, the GOP thinks they can appeal to their conservative values, but WaPo went to an Amish farm and found not only do the Amish not vote, but they don't appreciate political pandering, let alone puss-grabbing.

SHOCKER! The Trump campaign doesn't pay its bills, and has stiffed every city where he's held a rally.

CNN held a town hall on LGBTQ issues with nine of the Democratic presidential candidates last night. By most accounts, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg won the evening after speaking candidly about his sexuality. Anderson Cooper praised trans rights protesters who interrupted the town hall, Joe Biden said something stupid and rather inappropriate (again), but Sen. Elizabeth Warren stole the show when she mocked anti-gay assholes.

Kamala Harris,Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg have released a big, gay LGBT policy plans. If you just want the digest, Vox has a 'splainer.

Cory Booker has a plan to help college athletes get paid for busting their asses in sportsball.

The Wall Street Journal has a must-read story about how political campaigns ON BOTH SIDES have been sucking up geo-location data from cellphones in order to target potential voters. The way it works is actually pretty simple: Campaigns harvest unique phone IDs at campaign rallies, and an ad company cross-references that ID with people who've opted into location-tracking and tailored ads. Campaigns can then use that info to identify and single out individual voters less likely to slam a door in their face.

Democrats are complaining that Facebook's policy to allow demonstrably false political ads gives Trump World a license to lie. Facebook's VP of global affairs, former conservative British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, defended Facebook's decision not to play referee in a woefully out of touch analogy that likened Facebook to a tennis court, stating, "Our job is to make sure the court is ready — the surface is flat, the lines painted, the net at the correct height. But we don't pick up a racket and start playing. How the players play the game is up to them, not us." The move comes as social media companies weigh whether or not to air Trump campaign ads full of false and misleading information. #DeleteFacebook

Trump might announce a "mini-deal" with China in his trade war. Then again, he might not. Either way there's going to be another embarrassing tantrum in front of a foreign leader.

The refugee crisis in the Middle East will likely get worse thanks to Syria's invasion of Turkey. With civilian body counts beginning to mount, NPR notes that the one silver lining may be that Republicans distancing themselves from Trump's decision to sell out the Kurds could serve as a bellwether for an impeachment. Last night Trevor Noah broke down the literal shitshow of Turkey's bombing of US-backed Syrian Kurds, and why President Bone Spurs can go fuck himself.

Chaos Unfolds After Trump Gives Kurds The Cold Shoulder | The Daily

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