100 Simple Questions For Becoming an American Citizen

apu.JPGAre you smart enough to be a citizen? While it's long been accepted that ignorance of history is what keeps America strong, it seems that immigrants are all expected to pass a civics test to become citizens and get Tom Tancredo off their backs. And they just updated the whole thing. So now everyone has to answer brand-new questions about Abe Lincoln and the lady from the old dollar coins (not the Indian, the other one) and, uh, 9/11.


Also would've accepted "Saddam Hussein killed all the firefighters." Or "American Hero Rudy Giuliani saved New York." Or "Bush knew."

While most of the questions are basic 9th grade history material, some of them seem a little off to our American ears.

68. What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for?

* U.S. diplomat

* oldest member of the Constitutional Convention

* first Postmaster General of the United States

* writer of "Poor Richard's Almanac"

* started the first free libraries

But, but... what about the thing with the KITE and the KEY?? That's what he's famous for! Doing stupid things in the rain!

As usual, the release of the new questions means newspapers are sending reporters out to do a lame Jay-walking "ask the man on the street if he's smart enough to be a citizen" story.

Who Would Become an American, With These Queries? [NYT]


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