13 Slick Dudes, 1 Midget Lesbian & 1 Babushka

Hooray for the freedom of the British sailors who were only following orders and trying to instigate war with Iran! And wow, this gang puts the "hot" back in ... uh, "hot-stages." We are pretty sure they weren't doing boat patrol in those Justin Timberlake suits. A Wonkette Operative writes:

All of the male British sailors are groomed, dressed in finely tailored suits, and look unbelievably hot (except for the short guy in the middle who looks like a midget lesbian). And then ... there's Faye Turney, who is wearing a denim jumpsuit (as my friend calls them, "Canadian tuxedos") and HORIZONTAL STRIPES. In ORANGE. She looks like the elderly Russian babushka house mother taking care of a bunch of hot male models who live together in Miami Beach.

Seriously. this may be lost on you guys, but to the gay community, these are the sexiest hostages EVER. Too bad that dumpy bitch is in the picture ruining today's fantasy.

Who Got the British Sailors Released? [TIME]

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