13 Tips And Tricks For Making Chocolate Confections At Home! Tabs, Thurs., June 9, 2022

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13 Tips And Tricks For Making Chocolate Confections At Home! Tabs, Thurs., June 9, 2022

Won't someone think of the violence against white people? Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley will! — Gift link Washington Post

But not the violence against this white person. Because the 73-year-old man was wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt at a Republican event when US Senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona beat him up. (Tucson Sentinel)


These people are not okay.

Speaking of! The pelvic exams little girls will have to endure if they want to play on a sports team and somebody decides they might be trans (or even intersex) in Ohio and coming soon to Montana, Texas, Utah I think, Louisiana (Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards mystifyingly declined to veto it) and every other red state. They want to sexually assault our daughters under color of law (and that will somehow make trans children stop existing). — Columbus Dispatch

I love you Rev. Sen. Raphael Warnock.

NBER says the huge increase in house sales prices isn't a bubble but rather is a fundamental change, in large part because of remote work. (Paper) I took my Montana money and ran. (CNBC) Why is the rent so damn high? I don't know, it is a podcast, so I didn't listen, but it's Alex Pareene and Laura Marsh with guests Dean Baker and Bridget Read and you can get the transcript at The New Republic. As usual, tell me how it was!

This is a heart-skipping story of an immigrant bus driver in Denver through one shift, the patience she asks for to help her treat her riders with kindness, the impossibility of the job, the violence, the craziness, none of it is okay, none at all. (And I don't understand those activists on the Left who think it's more important to respect the civil liberties of those homeless people who are excruciatingly mentally ill or addicted to remain homeless and refuse treatment. How is any of this tenable?) — Guest link Washington Post

A lot of intertwined thoughts on the issue that I am currently incapable of encapsulating for you, but a big part is "Democratic leaders in cities with high homeless populations wouldn't ruffle NIMBY neighbors by housing people, and now we're going to get Rick Caruso and Not Chesa Boudin." (Slate) Causes of homelessness: It's the cost of housing. Paper.

Peter Navarro doing his usual Peter Navarro shit. — Liz at Above the Law

Detroit! Going Saturday to the March for Our Lives? Meet us at the carousel on the Riverwalk, at noon! Everyone else, find your march!

CONFECTION TIPS. I will not be doing any of them, and will be nuking chocolate chips and pouring it into a heart mold like God intended. (Food and Wine)

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