15 Kitchen Redos You've Been Doing All Wrong, In Bed! Tabs, Tues., Nov. 17, 2020
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Here's an interview with the Georgia GOP Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, wherein he reveals that he's getting death threats and also that Lindsey Graham tried to get him to find ways to throw out legally cast ballots.

Cullen Murphy has a proposal in The Atlantic to make Donald Trump leave the presidency by making him think he is still president, while making up good reasons why he never should go to back to the White House. We think it's dangerous, but also funny, and it involves telling him he won Greenland's electoral votes and making sure lots of people with coronavirus stop by Mar-a-Lago, to make it feel like his presidency.

While we're at The Atlantic, here's a longer read from Anne Applebaum on how Trump's "forever campaign" is "just getting started." It's probably good, haven't read it.

Here is a MADDENINGLY LONG series of long reads from Asha Rangappa and Ryan Goodman on how the Senate's Dumbest Republican Ron Johnson and his dumb investigations became major conduits of Russian disinfo during the 2016 campaign. We plan to read it sometime, but not today. Maybe you have time today! (Just Security)

Do you know how China sees the world and how you should look at China? H.R. McMaster has thoughts on that, back in May. Yes, that's how long tabs stay open on our computer!

Thing about how QAnon is just a rebranded Nazi cult from Just Security back in September? That is in our tabs.

Ever read the thing from 2016 about the guy who went on a conspiracy theory cruise, for conspiracy theorists, and it went very poorly? We opened it to re-read it a hundred years ago and didn't do it yet. (Popular Mechanics)

Are you familiar with the Indonesian mass killings of the 1960s, the ones they don't teach about in the American history books? LEARN A FUCKING THING. (Slate)

Did we ever tell you to make Chrissy Teigen's spicy miso pasta? We think we did. Oh well, you probably didn't do it yet, so here.

Oh, oh, oh! You guys, this is not a "tab" but a movie recommendation. Have you seen The Addams Family, the 1991 version with Anjelica Huston and the others? Of course you have. But like us, you might not have seen it in damn near 30 years. Well let us tell you, we decided to re-watch it this weekend, and we had no idea how much we needed it in our life right now.

Addams Family Halloween GIFGiphy

The end.

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