15 Terrible Tales Of Entitlement! Tabs, Nov. 2, 2020

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God damn you, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. God damn you to absolute hell. — Daily Beast

Let's all treat ourselves to some girl love, no not like that, like Auntie Maxine lovefesting with The Squad.

David Dayen reminds us there's a lot of ways for Biden to win tomorrow (though the Senate could fall just short). Too big to rig. — The American Prospect newsletter

Noam Chomsky believes Trump is the worst criminal in human history. *Click.* (The New Yorker)

Some of these screenplays for Trump's Final Act are really terrific. — Vanity Fair

Conservative judges saying only legislatures can make election rules with no input from judges or elections officials (so as to head off anything making it easier for voters to vote) are absurd, dumb, and


Neal Katyal and Joshua Geltzer at Washington Post

Still, Trump is explaining that if you wanted your vote to count, you should have got your ballot in a long time ago, because he and the lawyers are going to make sure it doesn't. That's nice.

Which means you know what time it is: time to slow the mail! — CNN

I would like to vote at this lovely old fire station, but that would be UNLEGAL. (WaPo)

A delightfully catty review of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's book, Melania and Me. — Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic

Best of luck to Liz Cheney in her goal of becoming the first GOP Speaker of the House. Because, you know, they haaaaaaate her. — Politico

Of course you remember Grace, who went to juvie for not doing her homework in zoom school. She's doing fucking GREAT and she's MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Three cheers, young lady! (ProPublica)

Jesus Christ, up to 12 million of the poorest Americans may STILL have not gotten their goddamn stimulus checks. If that's you, ProPublica tells you how to apply. — ProPublica

How to cut through the "emotional distress" that this winter is going to be, and you know it is. (Vox)

GUYS. There's a new Department of Salad! This one's on Italian salads and so much more. — Department of Salad

These 11 cocktails for November look absolutely disgusting. What people should be drinking now and thanking me later is: fresh pineapple and sliced grapes soaked in the rest of the bottle of ginger liqueur (Stirrings is tasty and cheap) for a few hours, then mixed with pineapple juice, and, if it is Halloween, a couple drops of blue food coloring. (Liquor)

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