MICKEY KANTOR TOTALLY CALLED INDIANA PEOPLE "SHIT": So maybe the "white niggers" part of that Mickey Kantor video was altered, but were Indiana's people the referent of his "shit" usage? Check out this review of The War Room from 1993: "Whether Carville and company are play-acting somewhat for the cameras becomes less important as the film progresses. One can only keep up an act for so long -- especially in the throes of a campaign. Carville's tearful farewell speech to his staff as they close up just before the election, Stephanopoulos's frank talk with a potential blackmailer and a Mickey Kantor comment about the people of Indiana (when it looks as though Clinton's ahead in Dan Quayle's state) attest to this." Mickey Kantor called Indiana people "shit," so Hillary Clinton probably agreed or something. [Washington Post]


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