19 Kids And Counting Recap: Talking Turkey, Audiobooks, and Fake Beatings With The Duggars


Remember how last week there was the EXCITING CLIFFHANGER about whether the holiday dinner at Josh and Anna's would be ready in time for the Duggar onslaught? Have you been on pins and needles all week? Let's solve this mystery once and for all in this week's 19 Kids and Counting.

The show first spends approximately 12 hours self-recapping last week by showing us that Anna had to speed up dinner and then the smoke alarm went off and then the doorbell rang and LOOK HERE IS A GIANT PASSEL OF DUGGARS.

Jim Bob whinily explains that when he walked in he expected to smell happy food smells but instead smells smoke. Shut up, Jim Bob. You were the rude fucker that arrived AN ENTIRE DAY EARLY with your family of 1000.



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