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Trump went on a joyride and said, "I've also gotten to meet some of the soldiers and the first responders and what a group." I guess he could mean the military doctors and not that he's wandering the halls visiting with patients, but it's Trump, who fucking knows what he's trying to say with his "words." Trump killing people when he's bored seems about right. That's all. I'm not posting the video, I don't want to watch it again.

Well this is certainly a message!

As is this! Tell 'em Jake!

More detail on how it sure seems like the president's doctors are lying about the timeline of when he got sick/diagnosed/treated. — Daily Beast

Conley seems to be fucking that chicken.

In March, after a Brazilian official with whom Trump had posed for a photo tested positive, Conley issued a statement saying the president was low risk and did not need to self-quarantine or be tested.


Doctor lady Celine Gounder lays it all out for CNN: His treatments, what we know and don't, what the doctors won't say, how long he's been sick and contagious, what the medicines do, just all of it. Of all the doctor ones to read, this is it. (CNN)

How Mark Meadows became the White House's unreliable source. Too long didn't read: He's a lying sack of crap. (Politico)

You know how they keep saying kids can't really spread coronavirus? Yeah, about that. (MSN)

Thom Tillis has coronavirus. Cal Cunningham is fucking someone what ain't his wife. Now what? — Charlotte Observer

This is an excellent infographic of who's got the rona from the White House Rose Garden Superspreader Catastophe, if you have a WaPo scrip. (Washington Post)

Is it weird, unnamed Republican? Is it?

"It's weird that all these Republicans are getting it," a prominent Republican told me. "I don't know what the fuck is going on. But one thing I've learned is: when something major happens thirty days before an election, it usually has to do with the election." (There is no evidence for this wild claim).

Vanity Fair

Parts of this are very funny!

First Debate Cold Open - SNL youtu.be

Slate ranks SNL's Joe Bidens. I agree. (Slate)

Why this libertarian is voting for Joe Biden. It's a good post! — Medium

Politico did a Cletus Safari of all these Nebraska Nice people who won't be voting for Trump, thank you. (Politico)

Forensic News found the tiny Russian bank that transferred $330 million to Deutsche Bank right when Donald Trump needed some cash. I don't understand this post, but I bet Liz does. (Forensic News)

Why is Freddie Mac backing millions upon millions in loans to the Kushners to buy more apartments to turn into slum housing? — ProPublica

This Utah legislator and his wife defrauded the HECK out of a single grandmother. (Consumer Financial Protection Advocacy Utah)

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