2008 Shocker: Giuliani Supporters Don't Love Hillary!

While it seems implausible, GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani is collecting campaign money from people who aren't fans of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Rudy loyalists say Hillary is not really a gay New Yorker, while his bona fides are impeccable.

Giuliani's campaign is hitting up the same Hillary Haters who gave him $22 million in 2000 -- before Rudy bailed on the whole race, cementing his reputation as "America's Loser." There's apparently a small yet rich crowd of anti-Clinton fanatics willing to give millions of dollars to a twice-divorced opera-loving gay-roommate-having Manhattan dandy who hates his own children, works for Hugo Chavez and loves to dress up like a lady. At least he's a fascist!

Gotta dance! - Wonkette

Rudy's wooing anti-Hil crowd [NY Daily News]


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