How Are Trump A-Holes Lying About Election Hacking Intel? Here's A Clue!

It's still Russia. Not 'GIIIIIIINA. Not Iran. Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia.

We've written thirty-eleventy times in the last month on the Trump administration's ongoing plan to manufacture an election attack from China in support of Joe Biden, in order to distract from/absolve responsibility for the attack Russia is currently doing for its old buddy Donald Trump. "No, it's 'GIIIIIIIINA," they protest. And thanks to a new whistleblower, we know Trump officials at the Department of Homeland Security are actively telling their people to hide the intel on Russian attacks, and gin up/exaggerate threats from China.

But the assessment from William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), did say 'GIIIIIIINA was doing some stuff. Not directly to this election, but longterm, 'GIIIIIIIINA got some plans. And maybe they're in there mucking around with some stuff right now.

Thanks to Microsoft, we actually have some information on what kind of hacking is being done, and by whom. Surprise, it's still fucking Russia, mostly.

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2020 presidential election

Oh No Who Spent All The Trump Campaign Money It's A Mystery For Sure

It's almost like they are bad at 'money.'

It's after Labor Day, and just as the election is kicking into high gear, the Trump campaign is running out of cash. Sad!

The New York Times reports that the campaign has burned through $800 million of its $1.1 billion stash, only to find itself 7.5 points behind in the FiveThirtyEight average.

"I think a lot of the money was spent when voters weren't paying attention," said veteran GOP strategist Ed Rollins, who condemns former campaign manager Brad "Chin Pubes" Parscale for spending "like a drunken sailor." And the Times seems to agree Parscale is to blame for the premature ejaculation of cash, after spending great wads of it on travel, online fundraising, and his own media companies. For comparison Parscale, who had his own dedicated car and driver, pocketed more every month than Biden's campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon makes in a year. And her candidate is actually leading in the polls.

Far be it from Your Wonkette to defend that pituitary case, but ... this sure as shit ain't all on Brad. Parscale's got a point when he complains, "I ran the campaign the same way I did in 2016, which also included all of the marketing, strategy and expenses under the very close eye of the family. No decision was made without their approval." When the House of Grift is running the campaign, you have to anticipate a whole bunch of people are going to take a bite.

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For (Sadly Not) The Last Time, 'GIIIIIIINA Isn't Doing Sh*t To Help Joe Biden


Clearly, the message has gone out! Donald Trump and his merry band of racist shit-fascists have decided that one of their most potent weapons to help Russia help them attack the 2020 election is to muddy the waters by baselessly saying 'GIIIIIIINA is attacking the election to help Joe Biden win. After all, if two of our adversaries are doing it, they cancel each other out, obviously!

Verified absolute moron DNI John Ratcliffe said it on Fox News this weekend, claiming that threats from 'GIIIIIIINA are much greater than they are from Russia, which might be true, except for how it's Russia attacking this election, not 'GIIIIIIINA. The entire Republican National Convention was 'GIIIIINA 'GIIIIINA 'GIIIIIINA. Donald Trump himself is saying it. 'GIIIIIIIIIINA.

But wait, is 'GIIIIIIINA doing anything to the election? Because we know, from the statement from William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), that Russia is literally right now actively engaged in an attack on the 2020 election for Trump's benefit. And 'GIIIIIIIINA? "We assess that China prefers that President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable – does not win reelection."

Oh, they PREFER that? Has Xi Jinping put a Biden sign in his yard or something? Is he sharing Kamala .gifs on his MySpace?

China has been expanding its influence efforts ahead of November 2020 to shape the policy environment in the United States, pressure political figures it views as opposed to China's interests, and deflect and counter criticism of China. Although China will continue to weigh the risks and benefits of aggressive action, its public rhetoric over the past few months has grown increasingly critical of the current Administration's COVID-19 response, closure of China's Houston Consulate, and actions on other issues. For example, it has harshly criticized the Administration's statements and actions on Hong Kong ...

Gotcha. China has said things publicly that are mean to Donald Trump, and they certainly have policy preferences for what they would like America to do, and that is somehow the same, in traitorous Republicans' eyes. Just like a few Ukrainian politicians posted "FUK TRUMP" memes on their Facebooks in 2016, and they act like that is the same as Russia's actual covert attack on the election.

Natasha Bertrand has a piece this week in Politico on this coordinated GOP strategy, with quotes from actual people inside the intelligence apparatus about how full of shit they are.

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2020 presidential election

Acting Chad Blocks Memo On Russian Efforts To Flog 'Biden Dementia' Storyline. NO COLLUSION!

They just keep inventing new ways to be corrupt.

The intelligence community told the Department of Homeland Security that Russia was going to try to interfere in the American election by painting Joe Biden as a senile old man, but Acting Chad shitcanned the report and hid it from officials charged with preventing foreign electoral interference.

Thats it. That's the tweet. Sixty-one days out from the election, and Donald Trump's minions are scurrying to bend the apparatus of the federal government to help him steal another victory with a helpful assist from his pals in Moscow.

ABC reports that a draft bulletin titled "Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election" was submitted to DHS for review on July 7. The unclassified memo, which stated with "high confidence" that "Russian malign influence actors are likely to continue denigrating presidential candidates through allegations of poor mental or physical health to influence the outcome of the 2020 election," was intended for distribution to state and local election officials. But it never got out, because DHS Chief of Staff John Gountanis swooped in and told them they had to run it by Trump's be-stubbled lackey Chad Wolf, the (acting) secretary of Homeland Security.

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