2020 Congressional Elections

Poll Finds Kris Kobach Narrowly Beating Coronavirus, But Losing To Democrat In Kansas Senate Race

They hate him. Still.

Time for some Poll Porn, bow chicka bow bow! Now, don't get too excited — we are talking about Kansas here, so you know the GOP dude will be a godbothering freak show and the Democratic lady will have sensible, midwestern hair. Also the poll is from Public Policy Polling, a Democratic shop. But FiveThirtyEight gives PPP a "B" rating, and that's good enough for us, so TAKE IT ALL OFF BABY!

Actually, Kris Kobach can keep his clothes on forever, thankyouverymuch. And he might not want to quit his day job either, if the latest Senate polling is correct. (Does Kobach have a day job since that vote-rigging commission got disbanded and his legal insurance scam dried up?) Because PPP gives Democratic candidate Barbara Bollier a narrow, two-point lead over Kobach in this year's Senate contest. Which is, coincidentally, the same margin polls had for Democrat Laura Kelly over Kobach leading up Kansas's 2018 gubernatorial race, before she dick-kicked him 48 to 43.

In the PPP poll of 1,271 voters, about half approved of Donald Trump and preferred to vote for a Republican in November. But when asked, "If the candidates for US Senate this November were Democrat Barbara Bollier and Republican Kris Kobach, who would you vote for?" 44 percent chose Bollier, 42 percent went for Kobach, and 13 percent were undecided.

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State/Local Politics

Wisconsin GOP Vote Suppressing F*ckery Bites 'Em In The Ass

Karma's a bitch.

GOOOOOO BADGERS! The Wisconsin GOP's gambit to rig last week's election by forcing in-person voting during a pandemic backfired spectacularly. Last night the votes came in, and Republican hack Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly got crushed at the polls by progressive Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky. Remember 2016 when Donald Trump won Wisconsin by fewer than 23,000 votes? Well, last night Karofsky won by more than 163,000 votes. Because we are madder than they are!

"Obviously I had hoped my service would continue for another decade, but tonight's results make clear that God has a different plan for my future," Kelly said last night. Indeed, God and the people of Wisconsin seem to have expressed their preferences pretty strongly, despite multiple tweets from the president endorsing Kelly and urging Wisconsinites to go out and vote for him.

This election was batshit from the jump. Kelly was appointed by then-Governor Scott Walker to fill out the last four years of a retiring Justice's term in 2016, and Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald publicly mused about moving the election so it wouldn't coincide with the Democratic primary for the express purpose of depressing turnout for Kelly's advantage.

The same Scott Fitzgerald teamed up with Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to block every single change that would have made voting safer for Wisconsinites. No postponement of the election, no switch to vote by mail, no waiving the signature requirement, no accommodation at all for the hundreds of thousands of Milwaukee voters who would have to cram into five polling places instead of 182 because the state couldn't muster enough poll workers during a highly contagious pandemic, and no extending the deadline for absentee ballots — with a special assist from Chief Justice John Roberts, who torched his last remaining shred of credibility for nothing.

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2020 presidential election

Texas Just Shutting Down All Polling Places That Aren't At Ted Cruz's House

Shameful yet predictable, isn't it?

The saying goes that Texas isn't truly a "red" state; it's a non-voting state. Texas ranked 41st in the nation for voter turnout in 2018 — the year of the Blue Wave, when nationwide turnout was through the roof. Texas is the second-largest US state, so that's especially alarming.

Why don't Texans vote? It's not that they just don't give a damn: Texas officials go out of their way to keep Texans from voting. Last year, Texas closed down more polling places than any other state. According to a report from the Leadership Conference Education Fund, Texas closed down 750 polls since 2012. The closures are obviously and grossly targeted to disenfranchise minorities.

From The Guardian:

McLennan county, home to Waco, Texas, closed 44% of its polling places from 2012 to 2018, despite the fact that its population grew by more than 15,000 people during the same time period, with more than two-thirds of that growth coming from Black and Latinx residents.

It's shameful, and more evidence that Chief Justice John Roberts helped make Jim Crow great again when he gutted the Voting Rights Act. It doesn't even matter whether deliberate malice or incredible naïveté motivated Roberts, the ramifications have been grotesque.

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If Kris Kobach Wants To Lose Another Seat For The GOP, Who Are We To Argue?

Knock yourself out, dude.

It's just possible that the national GOP hates Kris Kobach more than Kris Kobach hates immigrants. Which is high bar to clear! From the moment he declared for the Kansas's US Senate race by misspelling his own name on the registration form, the National Republican Senate Committee accused him of "simultaneously put[ting] President Trump's presidency and Senate Majority at risk." But Chris -- sorry, Kris -- Kobach brushed off the DC insiders' gripes with the dogged confidence of a guy who plans to grift a billion dollars to erect a home-brew border wall.

While Mike Pompeo was Hamlet-ing all over Foggy Bottom, the NRSC could keep Kansas on the back burner. But now that Pompeo says he's foregoing the Senate race to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fuck shit up in the Middle East, the GOP is panicking. The Wall Street Journal reports that internal Republican polling has Kobach almost 20 points ahead of his closest primary challenger, Rep. Roger Marshall (KS-1), and weak against a strong Democrat in the general. And Republicans remember that 18 months ago, that racist nutbag Kobach managed to lose the Kansas gubernatorial election by five percent in a state Trump took by 20 points. So they're not risking a narrow GOP majority in the Senate on that incompetent buffoon, at least not if they can help it.

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