Firing The Investigators Is How You Prove Everyone Is Innocent

Transportation Sec Elaine Chao, your life is calling.

Last weekend, Donald Trump did another of his Friday Night Massacres of inspectors general; virtually all the attention went to the firing of the IG for the State Department, Steve Linick, who seems to have been looking into a whole bunch of dubious doings by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Somewhat less noticed was the other IG removal last Friday, in which Trump demoted the acting inspector general for the Transportation Department, Mitch Behm. Trump replaced him with a political appointee, Howard "Skip" Elliott.

Why would anyone care about a silly inspector general in a Cabinet department nobody even thinks about until a bridge collapses? Could be because Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who's up for reelection this year, and Chao's department sure has been sending a bunch of sweet transportation projects to Kentucky. Probably all just an innocent coincidence, but Behm's office was investigating the alleged favoritism in approving big spending for Kentucky, that well-known transportation hub.

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2020 Congressional Elections

QAnon Wackadoodle Won Oregon Republican Senate Primary While No One Was Looking

Jo Rae Perkins wants to park the mothership in Washington DC.

When Democrats run for the Senate in red states, they're usually outstanding left-of-center representatives. No matter what happens on election night, Jaime Harrison, Mike Espy, Jon Ossoff, and Steve Bullock are actually “very fine people." Unfortunately, Oregon Republicans aren't “sending their best." Last night, they overwhelmingly selected noted crackpot Jo Rae Perkins as their seemingly rum-soaked choice to challenge Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley for the Senate seat he's held since 2009 and is now guaranteed to hold for another six years.

Perkins is a full-blown conspiracy theorist, and she doesn't just promote harmless conspiracies that most Oregonians believe, like the weather is tolerable. No, she's a QAnon-er. These idiots believe there are mole children living underneath Central Park and that Donald Trump would bother rescuing them, which is arguably less believable. They drink bleach and not just because Trump pitched it like a Coke-swilling Bill Cosby. QAnon-ers believe that a cabal of pervert Democrats and Hollywood elites (same difference) secretly run the whole world and eat babies. They receive updates posted in Confuso-vision on anonymous forums by “Q" — no, not the guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The mysterious “Q" is supposedly a high-ranking government official. QAnon-ers attempt to decipher the messages, presumably with a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. That's how they stay up to date on Trump's plans to save humanity from the diabolical masterminds who don't want you drinking bleach.

None of this is real, but if it were, the men in black have masterfully ensured the only people who know the truth are complete morons. One of whom is now a single election away from the US Senate.

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2020 Congressional Elections

Too Late, Martha McSally Discovers Standing By Her Man Donald Trump Was A Really Stupid Idea

Girl, bye!

Time for some sexxxxy poll porn! Comin' at you, Arizona, so GET NEKKID since it's apparently 87 degrees right now in Phoenix.

OH Predictive Insights recently chatted up 600 likely voters about the November election, and those Arizonans are really not feeling the GOP right now. Not in the presidential race or the one for Senate. The pollster hasn't put out the crosstabs on the Senate race yet, but let's start with this graphic from its presidential poll, because there's a lot here.

First off, Biden is running six points ahead of Trump, with only six percent of respondents undecided. That's a huge difference from 2016, where Trump won the state by four points, partly by scoring a 13-point advantage with male voters. This time, men and women are voting more or less the same — and both sexes prefer Biden.

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Susan Collins Is Concerned, And That Can Only Mean One Thing

She's going to do absolutely nothing about it.

Susan Collins is deeply troubled. As a person. But also about Donald Trump's latest hobby of firing all of the Inspectors General he deems insufficiently loyal. Like ones who might go and investigate Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for getting a Schedule C employee (that is, a political appointee who works for another political appointee) to "conduct personal activities" for him and his family.

As such, Collins took to Twitter last night to let it be known that she thinks Inspectors General are great and that Donald Trump should not have fired State Department watchdog Steve Linick for making Pompeo paranoid. She thinks that what he is doing here and the way he is doing it is bad. Bad enough to say something on Twitter in hopes of getting good press for saying something about it, but probably not so bad that if it came down to some kind of vote she would vote against it.

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