Amy Klobuchar Shows The Love For Uncle Joe, Even Bernie, On ‘The View'

Is she our next vice president?

“The View" is a depressing sight these days. Co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain are on opposite ends of the table, keeping a safe six feet distance apart. That's good news for Hostin, but it makes for a somber set. Joy Behar stopped coming into the studio last week and is in self-quarantine for her own safety. Whoopi Goldberg's working from home because she's a national treasure and must remain safe if civilization is to endure after the coronavirus.

Goldberg interviewed Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar via Skype Wednesday. She even let McCain participate. Klobuchar did a fine job auditioning for vice president. She talked up Joe Biden as the person to lead America during these challenging times.

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2020 democratic primary

Democrats Vote To GET THIS SH*T OVER WITH Already

Even in a pandemic, we turned up!

The results are in, and the winner is ... VOTING BY MAIL. Hooray! Standing in line for an hour and rubbing your hands all over a petri dish cum touch screen waged a really strong campaign, but it just couldn't compete with safely marking that ballot from the comfort of your own bunker and paying a uniformed representative of the US government $0.55 to deliver it. Despite grumblings that the primary was #Rigged by Big Postal, most voters seem ready to move on to the general, where the choices are Our Guy or THAT FUCKING ORANGE DEVIL.

Oh, we are getting punchy in quarantine! Yesterday Joe Biden swept the primaries in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, bringing the current delegate tally as of this writing to 1,165 for Biden, and 879 for Sanders.

Ohio postponed voting for plague, as have Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maryland. And all it took was a pandemic that's significantly more dangerous for the elderly to prompt a national discussion of voting by mail, unhindered by spurious bullshit about hordes of undocumented immigrants casting illegal ballots. Go know!

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2020 democratic primary

Voting Not Going So Well In Illinois. Maybe This Was A Bad Idea?

It's kind of a dumpster fire.

Over the weekend, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that all bars and restaurants in the state would have to close for the next two weeks, in order to keep the spread of coronavirus to a minimum. While this does seem like a good and safe (and, unfortunately, necessary) idea, it would be a better idea if there was a way to do that without completely screwing servers, bartenders and small business owners. A whole lot of people are really, really scared right now about how they're going to be able to pay rent and buy food, particularly since server tips often do not count as "insured" wages when it comes to unemployment benefits.

But although Pritzker was more than happy to close all bars and restaurants, he somehow did not see fit to postpone the Illinois primary and in-person voting like Ohio did, even though the Chicago Board of Elections asked him to do so weeks ago. And it sure does not seem as though that was a particularly great idea, because it's been kind of a shit show.

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2020 democratic primary

March Democratic Debate: Two Will Enter ... Two Will Probably Also Leave

A special debate open thread!

Are you guys ready for another debate? Probably not! Probably you thought this was all over and you would never have to sit through one again. But here we are, for what we think we can assume will be the final debate of the primary season!

In one corner, weighing in at 890 delegates, we have former Vice President Joe Biden, promising to be the president you don't have to think about, ever! In the other corner, weighing in at 736 delegates is Bernie Sanders, promising to make sure everybody has health care, a prospect that seems less and less ridiculous the further we get into this coronavirus thing! They'll be debating in front of a non-existent audience in Washington, DC , because no one wants to be in a live studio audience these days.

We don't have an official live stream, because it is on CNN, and they are chintzy with the live streams, but we thought we'd give you a nice open thread to hang out in, if you happen to be watching tonight. On the bright side, they're not making anyone sign into anything to watch online, so that's nice!

Also, if you are voting in Illinois, Arizona, Ohio or Florida, this is a reminder that despite the whole pandemic thing, you still have a primary on Tuesday! To vote in! Outside of your house! So, you know ... best of luck with that!

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