2020 democratic primary

March Democratic Debate: Two Will Enter ... Two Will Probably Also Leave

A special debate open thread!

Are you guys ready for another debate? Probably not! Probably you thought this was all over and you would never have to sit through one again. But here we are, for what we think we can assume will be the final debate of the primary season!

In one corner, weighing in at 890 delegates, we have former Vice President Joe Biden, promising to be the president you don't have to think about, ever! In the other corner, weighing in at 736 delegates is Bernie Sanders, promising to make sure everybody has health care, a prospect that seems less and less ridiculous the further we get into this coronavirus thing! They'll be debating in front of a non-existent audience in Washington, DC , because no one wants to be in a live studio audience these days.

We don't have an official live stream, because it is on CNN, and they are chintzy with the live streams, but we thought we'd give you a nice open thread to hang out in, if you happen to be watching tonight. On the bright side, they're not making anyone sign into anything to watch online, so that's nice!

Also, if you are voting in Illinois, Arizona, Ohio or Florida, this is a reminder that despite the whole pandemic thing, you still have a primary on Tuesday! To vote in! Outside of your house! So, you know ... best of luck with that!

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Ronna Romney McDaniel Tweeting Coronavirus Updates From Parallel Earth Where Trump Isn’t Dumbf*ck

We’re sure it’s nice over there.

We normally don't like to make big, bold declarations at Wonkette, because they can prove embarrassing later like almost any Chuck Todd take. However, it seems inconceivable right now that Donald Trump will win re-election in November. Whatever chance there was that an Electoral College-empowered minority of voters would be just that stupid again went up in smoke with the coronavirus outbreak. This disaster is affecting everyone -- even red states like Texas where “real" Americans live and if they survive will later vote.

Longtime Republican Peter Wehner at The Atlantic officially shut down the Trump presidency like it's a public school.

It has taken a good deal longer than it should have, but Americans have now seen the con man behind the curtain. The president, enraged for having been unmasked, will become more desperate, more embittered, more unhinged. He knows nothing will be the same. His administration may stagger on, but it will be only a hollow shell. The Trump presidency is over.

But if you check RNC chair Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel's Twitter feed, you'll find yourself in an alternate reality where everything is swell and it's Trump's stellar stewardship of this crisis that's responsible.

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2020 democratic primary

Bernie Sanders: If Tulsi Gabbard Doesn't Have To Quit, I Don't Either

Bernie will live on to debate Uncle Joe in Arizona.

After Tuesday's electoral bloodletting, the question became less if Bernie Sanders would leave the race but when. The Vermont senator addressed the press Wednesday and declared he wasn't going anywhere:

SANDERS: Last night obviously was not a good night for our campaign from a delegate point of view ... We lost in ... Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Idaho. On the other hand, we won North Dakota and we lead the vote count in the state of Washington.

And on yet another hand, it looks like Sanders is also going to lose Washington. Biden pulled ahead as more votes were counted, and at least one respected pollster called the state for him Wednesday. Biden was even ahead in King County, which is where Seattle is. This is not a big shock because Hillary Clinton won the Washington primary in 2016, but Washington also had a caucus, which is what actually counted for delegates. There are fewer caucuses during this primary election and that has obviously hurt Sanders.

Sanders said it was critical that Democrats defeat Donald Trump, whom he called the most “dangerous president in the modern history of our country." He described Trump as a “a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious bigot" and vowed to do everything in his power to help remove him from office. A growing number of people believe the best thing Sanders could do is drop out of the race. There is a chess move called “resignation," where you recognize that your position is lost and you quit out of respect to your opponent's superior skills. It's also embarrassing to just sit there and wait for them to checkmate you. The delegate math and remaining primary contests are clear: Joe Biden is the inevitable winner. Checkmate.

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Nice Time

Nice Time: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lifts Up Young Voters Feeling Bummed About Bernie

AOC's video is well-worth watching, regardless of your primary candidate.

Joe Biden continued his march toward the Democratic nomination Tuesday, which is great news for John McCain Biden but less exciting news for Bernie Sanders. I can appreciate the urge to rejoice when a candidate you don't like crashes and burns, but we shouldn't forget that every Democratic primary candidate, except for Tulsi Gabbard, had supporters who were passionate about their campaign and were devastated to see it end. Hell, even Gabbard inspired folks to donate hard-earned rubles to her ingrown toenail campaign, and they're likely drowning their tears in Stolichnaya right now.

Tuesday night, on her Instagram live chat, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared some nice words of comfort for Sanders supporters, many of whom are young and perhaps first-time voters. Ocasio-Cortez wanted to lift their spirits and keep their eyes on the larger prize of removing Donald Trump from office. She took the time to do this while some people on Twitter were "joking" about conducting a "wellness check" on her, Rashia Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and other prominent Sanders supporters. Look, I get that a lot of "Bernie Bros" showed their asses online and in public, but to borrow from Nietzsche, if you gaze too long into the Twitter abyss, the abyss gazes back into you with suicide "humor."

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2020 democratic primary

Some Might Call It A WHOMPIN'!

All your updates from Tuesday's primaries.

By all measures, last night was a whompin'.

After polls closed in Missouri and Mississippi, networks were able to almost immediately declare Joe Biden the winner of those primaries, so thorough was the whompin'. Late last night, as Mississippi came close to 100 percent reporting, Sanders fell below the 15 percent threshold to even receive delegates in the race. Meanwhile, Biden is currently carrying 81 percent of that state.

What was surprising for many was how quickly after that they were also able to call Michigan for Biden, a state Bernie Sanders shocked everyone by winning in the 2016 primary. it wasn't close — 52.9 percent to 36.4 percent.

Biden also won the Idaho primary, while Sanders took the North Dakota caucus, which was sort of a hybrid caucus-primary this year. (Idaho used to be a caucus too.)

And in Washington state, where much of the same-day mail-in ballot remains uncounted, it's a dead heat, but that's likely to break more strongly for Biden as those same-day votes are counted, as the early vote, much of it, reflects the race as it was a week or two ago. For instance, at this point, Elizabeth Warren is still receiving around 12 percent of the vote.

Like we said, a whompin'.

If math said the window for Sanders was rapidly closing after Super Tuesday, it's almost slammed shut after Not-That-Super-Tuesday. But sure, you never know how it's going to ultimately shake out, as weirder things have happened in primaries.

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2020 democratic primary

A Short, Mean Post About Tulsi Gabbard, In Advance Of Tuesday's Primaries!

Only YOU can make Tulsi-mentum happen! And yet you won't.

There is more voting tomorrow in the Democratic primary, so everybody wash your hands so you don't get the coronavirus at the polls!

Anyway, tomorrow is Not-Quite-As-Super Tuesday, and if you live in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, or if you are a Democrats Abroad, it's your turn to vote. Sorry if your candidate is not in the race anymore, just kidding, your candidate is obviously Tulsi Gabbard, and she is still in the race, so you get to vote for her!

Yes, that's right, in lieu of a serious forecast-y blog post about what is likely to happen on Not-Quite-As-Super Tuesday — Biden is going to clean up, and tomorrow's states are the most favorable map for Bernie Sanders left on the schedule, and the math nerds at FiveThirtyEight are now giving Biden a 95 percent chance of winning the nomination, but we guess things could change! — we have chosen to just be mean to Tulsi Gabbard, for no reason besides boredom.

There are two important #TulsiFacts you need to know going into tomorrow's voting, and especially on Saturday for the long-awaited Northern Mariana Islands primary, which Wonkette will of course be liveblogging all day.

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2020 democratic primary

Jesse Jackson Returns Favor, Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

That's nice!

Once upon a time, in 1988, civil rights icon Jesse Jackson ran for president. Well, in 1984 and in 1988 — but in 1988, when Jackson ran for president, he won the state of Vermont, the whitest state in the union, after getting the very enthusiastic endorsement of the independent mayor of Burlington, Bernie Sanders. For that year, Sanders gave up his status as an independent in order to be able to caucus for Jackson with the Democrats, because Jackson was running on such an awesome and progressive platform (which, fun fact, included single payer health care both times he ran!).

Andrew Jerell Jones Twitter

Jackson's platform was pretty amazing, but despite that and despite the fact that everyone I knew who could vote at that time was voting for him (to be fair, this demographic consisted entirely of my own parents), he lost the nomination in 1988 to Michael Dukakis, who was running on a platform meant to appeal more to so-called Reagan Democrats than to the Left. Dukakis ... did not win that election.

Now, 32 years later, Jackson is now endorsing Sanders for president, because of the progressive platform he is running on.

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2020 democratic primary

Kamala Harris Adds Some #KHIVE To The #Joementum

California senator endorses Joe Biden on anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

Sunday morning, Kamala Harris joined the stampede of Democrats hopping on the Joe Biden express train back to Washington, DC. There was some speculation that Harris might endorse Biden earlier, prior to the Super Tuesday California primary, which was one of the few Bernie Sanders won. I personally think it was wise to wait because Sanders had a significant lead in the early vote, and a last-minute endorsement likely wouldn't have significantly narrowed the gap. More importantly, I think Harris, like Warren, has the right to endorse on her own damn timetable.

Harris was in Selma, Alabama, this weekend for the 55th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. The California senator movingly linked her endorsement with this pivotal moment in the Civil Rights Movement.

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Scumbag President Thinks Liz Warren 'Too Mean' For Office He Soils

Trump's not fit to lick Warren's comfortable sneaker.

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race Thursday, and Donald Trump has some notes on her campaign. Someone asked Trump about Warren's exit during his lie-athon press conference Friday about the coronavirus. It's impossible to imagine a scenario where Warren is interested in Trump's opinions, but he shared them anyway. He doesn't want credit. He just wants to help. That's the kind of guy he is.

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Elizabeth Warren Still Happy She Murderized Mike Bloomberg Right Before Our Eyes

Warren's interview with Rachel Maddow makes us miss her all the more.

Elizabeth Warren's campaign ended Thursday and so did a lot of our dreams. I confess I'd hoped 2020 would end in a head-to-head between Warren and Kamala Harris: East coast versus West Coast. Instead, Warren exited the race without a single win. Hillary Clinton is still the only woman to have won a presidential primary contest. This is a distinction Clinton gladly would've shared with Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Harris, and Warren (#NeverTulsi). I don't want to join the many pundits vivisecting Warren while she still breathes, but I do want to set the stage for how impressive her interview with Rachel Maddow was last night.

Maddow raised the concern many women shared yesterday that if Clinton couldn't beat Trump, if Harris can't make it to the Iowa, and if Warren can't win her own state, maybe it "just can't be any woman ever." Maybe it's not whether a woman candidate is too "angry" or too "shrill" or too "opportunistic" or just too "woman." Maybe the American electorate isn't Goldilocks. Maybe there's just no pleasing voters if you're a woman candidate. We're just going to run "white men in their late 70s against each other" forever.

Warren, even while bearing the fresh scars of defeat, refused to accept this as our reality.

MADDOW: There's a feeling that your campaign ending is very specific to you and also it also feels a little bit like a death knell in terms of the prospects of having a woman for president in our lifetimes.

WARREN: Oh God, please no. That can't be right. I know exactly what you're talking about. This cannot be the right answer. Part of the reason I know it's not the right answer is I walked through my headquarters today and I saw all those strong powerful women. I saw all those women who said, "Thank you for standing up to Michael Bloomberg." I saw all those women who said, "Thank you for being smart and making that okay." "Thank you for talking over men sometimes because I'm just damn tired of always having it go the other way."

While I go cry in a corner and try to compose myself, watch this clip of Warren on Maddow.

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2020 presidential election

An Elegy For Elizabeth Warren

How's Madam Senate Majority Leader sound to you?

Do you remember Election Night, 2016? Boy do I. My husband had made us Hillary COOKIES. We did not eat them, and the champagne stayed in the fridge for years, until I finally broke it out for some tiny non-defeat I now forget.

I remember my unyielding fury at our nation, and my contempt. I remember the unconquerable sickness. It was at least six months before I could wake up in the morning without remembering Trump was president before i'd even opened my eyes.

Well, it's happened again. I don't know about you, but this time, I'm sort of blessedly numb. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders aren't Trump. Things will be better under either of them than they are now. They're both ... fine. Just, with Elizabeth Warren reportedly dropping out of the presidential race today, things won't actually be good. That's okay. We're used to "not actually good."

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Fuckin' A It's Not That Hard!

We'll Call It 'Grander For Sanders'

You can be heroes!

I've got a secret to tell you that I haven't told ANYBODY: I am a Warren person!

Oh I am just joshing, you all knew that already. What fun and #jokes we have here at the Winemom Cafe!

Now, after "Super" Tuesday, it is not looking good for our old gal. And I woke up this morning ... kind of okay with it, actually. I think it really really really helped I had a Mexican vacation last week. I have my opinions on both our current frontrunners, the B Almost Octogenarians Boys, and I sorely wish my fellow Americans had done what I wanted and made me the king of choosing presidents. But it did not happen. Maybe E Dubs will stay in! Maybe she really is gonna persist until there's no more persisting! It's crazy that people wanted her to drop out before Super Tuesday, since literally every contest so far had had a different winner, and yesterday's might have been hers! But it wasn't, and I am, extremely surprisingly, chill.

(It helps that I am envisioning Senate Majority Leader Elizabeth Warren. Will you join me?)

Joe's an all right fella in a lot of ways, but Bernie's more to my liking policy-wise, and damn oh damn I wish some of his worser followers weren't "worser." Because sure, not everybody lives on the Internet, but you do, and I do, and the reporters do. And for every "DON'T CALL ME A BRO" out there who's been alienating natural allies like most Warren supporters by telling us we just elected Trump and have blood on our hands, because somehow there is always a woman to blame, there is a media person seeing that shit and internalizing "BROS ARE ASSHOLES WHO WANT EVERYONE TO BEND THE KNEE," because of how that is what they themselves keep saying, out loud, with their mouths.

So I had an idea, and it is a free idea, and it is a sincere idea, and I'm literally not even being a bitch:

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2020 democratic primary


There's very good news from Super Tuesday, no matter who you've been backing.

How are you feeling this morning? It's OK to feel things. Depending on whom you've been supporting for the Democratic nomination, you are either happy, sad, pissed, tired, elated, resigned, chilled out, fired up, ready to go, angry, or some combination of all of these things, after the results of the Super Tuesday primaries. Take a day to feel it if you are feeling it, and then we got work to do. (You may remain happy and fired up and ready to go, if that's what you were already feeling. We are not saying "Get over your joy, Mister NerdWeird!")

Here's your Wonkette roundup for Super Tuesday!

So What Happened Last Night?

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2020 presidential election

Donna Brazile Good Again


A while back we were not sure what the hell was up with Donna Brazile, former interim DNC chair, when she started working for Fox News last year, and when she wrote her book in 2017. Therein, she wrote about how she at one point wanted to replace Hillary Clinton as the 2016 Democratic nominee (when Hillary had the red death plague or the sniffles or something). Also, she wasn't actually saying the 2016 primary was #rigged, she just kind of implied it, but that was not what she meant to imply! She meant she had "found the cancer" on the party, but she was not going to kill the whole party, blah blah blah blah blah, did not read book on account of "fuck that."

Point is, back then Brazile, whether she was intending to or not, ended up fanning the flames of the bullshit story that anything that looked bad coming out of the DNC was because #RIGGEDAGAINSTBERNIE, and not the Occam's Razor answer about the DNC, which is always incompetence.

But now, at least for today, Brazile is good again.

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Trump And His Dumbstupid Sons Being VERY SNEAKY About Trolling Democratic Primary Voters

With this kind of psychological warfare, it's almost like they're real spies!

Donald Trump knows what is happening in the Democratic primary, because he is the good kind of pundit, like Chris Cillizza. And he is pretty sure (???) he wants to run against Bernie Sanders in the general, because "socialist," and because somehow he has gotten the message (from Russia) that the very best thing for him would be for Democratic primary voters to have a bruising contest and hate each other, therefore he wants to foster conspiracy theories that the establishment is committing a #rigging against Bernie Sanders and stealing the nomination from him. Trump and Russia think average Sanders voters are very stupid, we guess.

So he's been huffing paint on that train of thought for a while now. Though we wonder if his trolling is too subtle, and people just might not get it:

"Coup." Donald Trump knows at least 100 words, total. He knows what at least 25 of them actually mean. (And he knows which one is "camel," by god.)

At a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, last evening, Trump offered his analysis of what really happened in the primary yesterday, as Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out and then endorsed Joe Biden. We must stress, as usual, that these are the actual president's actual words:

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Woman Who Had Her Face Eaten By A Bear Would Like Some Medicare For All, Please!

Biden's reeling in the endorsements, but Allena Hansen wants Sanders.

Those of us who are prone to dramatic exaggerations often refer to things that are bad as "my worst nightmare!" — just in the last week, my own list has included appearing on "Love is Blind," being stuck at an airport with delays and without any Ativan, various coronavirus-related scenarios, camping in any context whatsoever, etc., etc. But when it comes to worst nightmare scenarios, the idea of getting one's face eaten off by a bear and then getting stuck with $250,000 in medical bills despite having insurance, and then barely being able to eat 12 years later because you can't afford the rest of the treatment you need, really puts things into perspective in terms of how bad a "worst nightmare" can actually be.

And that is a thing that actually happened to 68-year-old Allena Hansen. Twelve years ago, Hansen was just standing around on her ranch in California's Sequoias when she got mauled by a black bear. She lost 14 teeth, and her jaw, eye sockets and nose were completely destroyed.

While Joe Biden is raking in endorsements from everyone in politics this week, following the departures of Pete Buttigieg and Amy "Klobs" Klobuchar, Allena Hansen is endorsing Bernie Sanders. Why? Because, she says, dealing with her health insurance company — Blue Cross — was actually worse than having her face eaten by a bear, and she would like everyone to have good health care so that if they have their face eaten by a bear, that remains the worst thing that has ever happened to them.

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