2020 presidential election


And they've barely begun to interview witnesses!

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a report today detailing the plot by Trump and his goons to use the Justice Department to overturn the election. Actually, the Committee released two reports: one from the Democrats that laid out what happened in excruciating detail, and one from Republicans, saying LOL, no harm no foul. We'll be concentrating on the Dem report, because that's the one with all the actual facts, but God willin' and the crick don't rise, we hope to get back to the minority report, because that is some hilariously weak shit.

Most of what's in the real report, based on interviews with former (acting) Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, his deputy Richard Donoghue, and former US Attorney in Atlanta BJ Pak, has appeared in the media before. We knew that the Trump White House, most particularly Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, engaged in an extended pressure campaign to get the Justice Department to look into — and, more importantly, announce investigations of — non-existent election fraud in key swing states. We knew that this pressure continued long after those nonsensical allegations had been thoroughly debunked. We knew that Jeffrey Clark, acting head of the DOJ's Civil Division, attempted to stage a coup inside the DOJ with the aim of getting himself made acting Attorney General so that he could instruct swing states to decertify their electors. We knew that Trump tried to get the DOJ to sue the states on the basis of his nonsensical election fraud claims. And we knew that it was only thanks to concerted resistance by his own consiglieres that we avoided a major constitutional crisis.

But seeing it all woven together into a coherent narrative is really breathtaking. Particularly juxtaposed against reminders of just how seriously this violated DOJ norms and stated White House policy intended to insulate the Justice Department from political interference.

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Nice Time

USPS Testing Out Postal Banking. Thank The Postal Union!

You can still hate Louis DeJoy. We sure do!

The US Postal Service seems poised to make a whole lot of good-government nerds very very happy with a four-city pilot program that will try out an old idea whose time probably never should have ended: postal banking. From 1910 until 1966, when you went to the Post Office, you could not only get stamps or send a package or dodge bullets, you could also put some money in your postal savings account, or withdraw some after it had grown by a whopping two percent interest rate.

At its height, postal banking served some four million Americans, and before the New Deal created the stabilizing force of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, postal savings accounts were especially attractive because, unlike a bank that could go bust, the deposits were backed by the full faith and credit of the USA.

The USPS got out of the banking business in 1966, but for decades, think tanks and policy geeks have said it would be a great thing to bring back, because there are millions of Americans who don't use banks, yes in 2021. Instead, far too many Americans are unbanked — about five percent of us — and pay too much to cash their paychecks at payday lenders, (some) grocery stores, or Walmart.

Starting last month, the USPS began testing out a new system where people can cash business checks up to $500 and receive the money in the form of a gift card that can be used pretty much anywhere. As David Dayen puts it at the American Prospect, this is a big effing deal: He calls it "the most far-reaching executive action that the Biden administration has taken since Inauguration Day."

The move puts the USPS in direct competition with the multibillion-dollar check-cashing industry, which operates storefronts to allow unbanked or underbanked residents to cash their paychecks.

And if you cash your check at the Post Office, nobody's going to try to interest you in a short term high interest loan, either.

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2020 presidential election

Idaho Election Officials Not So Sure They Agree 100% With MyPillow Guy's Forensic Work

He's kinda funny lookin'. More n' most people even.

MyPillow guy and elections expert Mike Lindell has in recent weeks moved beyond insisting there was massive fraud in all the states where Donald Trump lost in 2020, and is now going around claiming that vast computer fraud stole votes from Trump even in states the Great Man won, like Alabama, and now Idaho, which is, dear readers, not exactly full of progressive liberal hippie types, at least outside certain parts of Boise and the college towns.

But when you have a racket, you have to keep flogging it, so Lindell recently sent a very serious letter to elections officials in Idaho, insisting that electronic voting equipment had switched votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in every single one of Idaho's 44 counties. Lindell also promoted his "analysis" on such social media he hasn't been kicked off of, prompting angry calls and emails to county elections officials, too. Mike Rosedale, the Republican county clerk for Bonner County, up in the panhandle, said the reaction from outraged Lindell fans felt like "a freight train coming at me."

Now, let's just remind you that Donald Trump won Idaho in 2020 with 64 percent of the vote. In Bonner County, Trump did even better, winning just short of 67 percent of the vote, with 18,369 votes to Biden's 8,310 votes, plus the expected smattering of votes for fringe candidates. Kanye West somehow got 102 votes in Bonner. Go figure.

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FL Gov Ron DeSantis Going To LOCK HER UP Mark Zuckerberg For ... Well, What Have You Got?

First Amendment, how does it go?

We are about three news cycles away from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis threatening to beat up Mark Zuckerberg behind the gym after fourth period. And even that would probably be more credible than the latest round of bullshit spewing from the governor's mansion in the vague direction of Palo Alto.

The latest fucktussle was sparked by the Wall Street Journal's recent series on problems at Facebook. The first article revealed that the social media platform had an internal "whitelist" of celebrities and politicians who were exempt from the rules banning harassment, incitement, and even nudity. Normal people might think, "Yeah, no shit, you guys left that maniac on there, and we wound up with an attempted coup." But Ron DeSantis is not normal people.

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