January 6 Committee And Justice Department Tangle Over Evidence. Don't Let Them Fight!

Work that shit out, fellas, we got a country to save.

Is there a kerfuffle afoot between the January 6 Select Committee and the Justice Department? Will Liz Cheney and Merrick Garland settle the matter in a televised cage match available exclusively on C-SPAN After Dark? And will that be what finally causes Americans to give a shit about the fact that the GOP tried to overturn a free and fair election and are planning to do it again in 2024?

Yes, no, and we fucking wish.

Yesterday the New York Times was first to report that the Justice Department has asked the Committee for transcripts of witness interviews that “may contain information relevant to a criminal investigation we are conducting.”

But according to Politico, Committee Chair Bennie Thompson says NFW: “My understanding is they want to have access to our work product. And we told them, no, we’re not giving that to anybody."

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2020 presidential election

Mark Esper Has Measured Himself, And Found That He Is A Hero

Slow f*ckin' clap, dude.

The Mark Esper redemption tour continues apace, with the former secretary of Defense telling anyone and everyone that, while it might have appeared that he was participating in an orgy of corruption that weakened US alliances and emboldened Russia and China, he was actually saving America for democracy.

"If I spoke out at the time, I would be fired, number one. And secondly, I had no confidence that anybody that came in behind me would not be a real Trump loyalist. And Lord knows what would've happened then," he told CBS's Norah O'Donnell in response to a question about why he remained in service to a president he describes as patently unfit to lead.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book published this morning at Politico, Esper describes an August 2019 meeting about the proposed pullout from Afghanistan. Naturally the meeting took place in a "security tent" erected in an unused banquet hall at the president's New Jersey golf club. Sec. State Mike Pompeo, NSA John Bolton, VP Mike Pence, CIA Director Gina Haspel, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, and Esper all tried to persuade Trump that it was a terrible idea. But Trump figured if he could just get the Taliban and then-Afghan president Ashraf Ghani together in a room with him, his magnetic statesmanship and the orange glow of his spray tan would convince them to work something out. Trump's grand plan involved inviting the parties to Camp David, on the anniversary of September 11.

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Conspiracy theories

Italygate Election Conspiracy Theory Takes Kansas By Storm!

It is always and forever 2020.

Italygate is back, baby! And it's taking Kansas by storm!

If none of those words mean anything to you, congratulations, your brain has unfucked itself from the Trump administration. But the mommybloggers at Your Wonkette are not so lucky. And so we are thrilled to visit one of the more hilariously batcrap episodes of 2020 electoral fuckery, wherein chief of staff Mark Meadows told the DOJ to look into a theory that Barack Obama used $40 million to bribe Italy's former prime minister Giuseppe Conti to use Italian space lasers to hack Dominion voting machines.

MAMMA MIA! Trump DOJ Meatballs ... Actually Refused To Do Coups!

Oddio! Crackpots Now Convinced Italy Stole Election From Trump!

Sounds coco loco, right? Yeah, that's what the DOJ thought, with Deputy Attorney General Rich Donoghue writing to his boss Jeff Rosen "Pure insanity." And yet this thing lit up like a Jewish space laser, with #ItalyDidIt trending for a hot second.

Behind the scenes, the conspiracy theory was being flogged by some weirdo named Brad Johnson, who claims to be former CIA. But two other women, Michele Roosevelt Edwards and Maria Zack, played a more forward-facing role in spreading this lunacy.

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2020 presidential election

Acting DHS Head Chad Wolf Buried Memo On Russian Election Interference To Help Trump. Yeah, Don't Faint.

We will never get to the bottom of the corruption.

Hold on to your hats, kids! Turns out Trump's Department of Homeland Security was a hot mess of corruption, and not just because they were beating protesters and disappearing people into the back of vans for the crime of being on the street dressed in black.

The latest revelation came in an Inspector General's Report that focuses on the politicization of one particular memo about Russian election interference to damage then-candidate Joe Biden. The episode was alluded to in a whistleblowers report by Brian Murphy, the former head of the Homeland Security Department’s intelligence branch, published by the New York Times in September 2020. Murphy described a shocking pattern of rot at the top of DHS, under both Kirstjen "Baby Cager" Nielsen and her successor Chad Wolf, AKA "Acting Chad," who was never confirmed and whose appointment was subsequently declared illegal.

During the campaign, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) observed the objective reality that Russian actors were seeding social media with lies about Joe Biden's health. Much the same way they spent 2016 pretending that Hillary Clinton was at death's door, while a guy who can't walk down a flight of stairs was treated like a perfect specimen of virility and acumen. Russia, if you're listening ...

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