Voter Suppression Fest 2020 Kicks Off In Georgia

This is (but shouldn’t be) America.

Early in-person voting started in Georgia Monday, and what we witnessed was hardly democracy in action. People were waiting in lines that snaked around city blocks for almost 10 hours. That's a de facto poll tax and outright disenfranchisement for people with disabilities and parents of small children. It's inexcusable, but that didn't stop officials from trying. God bless.

From CNN:

"Georgia is seeing record turnout for early voting because of excitement and enthusiasm of the upcoming election," said Walter Jones, a spokesperson for the Georgia Secretary of State's office. "Long lines are to be expected — voters need to be aware of all of their options including three weeks of early voting, no-excuse absentee and in-person voting day of the election."

See? Long lines are to be expected, so sit down and shut up. Well, you can't actually sit. You'll have to stand for hours on end, but your tired dogs are no excuse for bellyaching. This is America, where our regularly scheduled elections remain a constant source of surprise.

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2020 Congressional Elections

Amy McGrath Stares Into Abyss Where Mitch McConnell’s Soul Should Be

C’mon, Kentucky, you can do better than this.

Watch Live: Kentucky US Senate Debate Oct 12 2020 www.youtube.com

Democrat Amy McGrath walked through the valley of the shadow of death and faced Republican Senator Mitch McConnell at their first debate Monday. She hoped to convince Kentucky voters to abandon this twisted ghoul, a walking compost bag of evil. She did well, hammering the Senate majority leader on how little he actually cares about Kentuckians. When McConnell took credit for oh-so-generously passing a coronavirus relief bill in March, McGrath reminded him that it's October, the coronavirus is still here, and millions have lost their jobs.

MCGRATH: The House put up legislation in May, and it's been sitting on [McConnell's] desk all summer long. He took a vacation, didn't see the urgency to do anything. Meanwhile, here in Kentucky, we have a million Kentuckians that have filed for unemployment sometime in the last six months. We have 300,000 Kentuckians that still don't have healthcare in the middle of coronavirus. And he's walking away from negotiations even now when President Trump even wants negotiations to happen before this election. It's irresponsible.

I might've used a stronger word here than “irresponsible," like “depraved" or “pernicious." McConnell is a "most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm," but he remembers to take his cans out to the curb on garbage day.

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2020 state and local elections

Georgia Voters Choosing Rev. Raphael Warnock Over Lady Who Compared Herself To Attila The Hun

Are we looking at a Democratic rout in the Peach State?

Let's talk about who we'd love to see as the next senator from Georgia, Rev. Ralphael Warnock. A Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday showed Warnock leading November's Senate special election, currently a 21-person tractor-trailer pileup on I-75. He's ahead of incumbent Republican and moderately successful human impersonator Kelly Loeffler, 31 to 23 percent. Rep. Doug Collins is third at 22 percent, so he could still knock Loeffler out of the race and the seat she never actually won. Matt Lieberman is cratering with 9 percent of the vote.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who was once governor of Georgia while simultaneously a Democrat, endorsed Warnock Tuesday, as well. It was a good day for the brother.

From 11 Alive:

"During these difficult times, our nation must continue to march towards progress while holding fast to our American values of equality, justice and economic opportunity for all. Reverend Warnock knows the struggles Georgians are facing in this unique crisis — families losing health care, shuttered rural hospitals and record unemployment — all in the middle of a pandemic," President Carter said. "I am pleased to support his campaign to be our next U.S. Senator, because I know he will be the voice Georgians need in Washington to ensure every child and every family has an opportunity to thrive."

Warnock is senior pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. He presided over the late Rep. John Lewis's funeral. He's also a native of Savannah, Georgia, one of the greatest cities on Earth, so that should settle the whole thing, but I guess we still have to have an election.

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Atlanta Exotic Dancers Shamelessly Objectify Voting In 'Get Your Booty To The Poll' PSA

Also, it's pissing off some wingnuts. BONUS!

Well here's a change from the usual Get Out The Vote ad. No fifes, tricorn hats, or patriotic mush here, just several Atlanta-based exotic dancers who want people to think about voting, because "it's more than just the president on the ballot, right?" Exactly.

One of the women asks, "So … you're really not gonna vote?" She does not approve of your indifference, because there are a lot of other offices whose occupants can make a serious difference in your life, so for godssake "Get your booty to the poll."

Twerking at the poll is optional. (Video contains no nudity but may not be safe for all workplaces, because strippers.)

Get it? They are POLL DANCING.

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