2020 presidential election

Let’s Get Stacey Abrams Her Nobel Prize, Please.

She delivered some good trouble for Georgia.

I was up late last night, watching the updated numbers come in from Clayton County, Georgia, a majority Black town 30 minutes south of Atlanta. It is the heart of the late John Lewis's former congressional district, one soon-to-be former President Donald Trump once claimed was “crime-infested" and “falling apart," so it was fitting that this county was the one that put Joe Biden over the top in Georgia (barring sad Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's desperately awaited military ballots).

Yes, Georgia. No Democratic presidential candidate has won the state since Bill Clinton in 1992. I was a college freshman during that election. My friend Zach ran around the Tate Student Center at the University of Georgia, cheering and dancing, once Clinton was declared president-elect. We were excited for change, but we didn't fear that democracy was at stake. We also didn't think we'd have to fumigate the White House once George H.W. Bush left.

It's a different, much darker time now, and not just because I've grown old and wear my trousers rolled. But I want us to reclaim our joy today and try not to think too much about President Klan Robe. Today is for the heroes.

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2020 presidential election

If It's Monday, Here's Your Pre-Election Day Trump Idiot Sunday Show Roundup!

This week with an extra helping of SAYING OUT LOUD HOW THEY WANT TO STEAL THE ELECTION.

With less than 24 hours before Election Day officially begins and the GOP begin its official election night fuckery, it's clear the "Grand Old Party" is desperate to try to steal this thing if it's close. While most actual Trump administration and campaign members avoided coming on the Sunday shows, the few Republicans that did were dealing with the stages of grief at the possibility of losing, and badly.

On CBS's "Face The Nation," RNC Chairperson Ronna Romney McDaniel tried to spin a shiny, happy narrative to deal with her denial of how the election seems to be headed. After host Margaret Brennan pointed out the record-breaking pace of early voting turnout in key swing states, McDaniel said rosy words about a Trump "surge" on Tuesday.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel predicts Election Day surge for Trump www.youtube.com

MCDANIEL: COVID has changed things, so it's pulled a lot of Democrat Election Day voters into that absentee and early vote category. And Republicans are wanting to vote on Election Day in person and cast their ballot that way. So we feel very strong that we have a surge coming on Election Day.

But the fragility of that denial quickly faded as McDaniel contradicted herself.

BRENNAN: He's playing defense in Florida. He's playing defense in Georgia. What is the path to 270 that you have charted?

MCDANIEL: Well, Florida is critical, and we've seen us take the lead in early voting and really erase the deficit we had with the absentee ballots. So as our voters- as early voting becomes available to our voters, they're doing it.

So are Democratic votes coming in early overwhelmingly and that is why you are behind now instead of Tuesday? Or are Republicans taking the lead due to early voting so there wont be a "surge"? Can't claim you are going to have this election day wave, but then argue that actually your supporters are early voting now.

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2020 state and local elections

Kelly Loeffler Not Familiar With So-Called 'Access Hollywood' Tape, Grab Them By The Who What Now?

She must have missed the news in 2016. The entire year of news.

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler is in a desperate race for second place in the upcoming special election for the seat she purchased at an estate sale. (ALLEGEDLY.) Loeffler is new to politics. She never held office before this year, and it shows. Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp appointed her to Johnny Isakson's vacated seat, we guess because he figured she had enough money to defend it. But money's not everything. You also need a non-cartoon villain presentation and the basic political savvy necessary not to compare yourself to Attila the Hun in your own campaign ads.

The special election what's known as a jungle primary, which means Loeffler's running against 20 candidates from all parties, including Democrat Raphael Warnock, Republican Doug Collins and the rest. If nobody reaches 50 percent, the top two candidates go to a runoff. Loeffler's chosen strategy has been to try to out-bigot Collins, which has "won" her the endorsement of QAnon wackadoodle Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This isn't working. An Emerson poll from Sunday has her third behind Warnock and Collins, which would make 2020 the grand opening/grand closing of her Senate career. But she's steering her campaign full steam ahead into an electoral iceberg.

Last week, Loeffler was asked about her fervent devotion to Donald Trump. She declared during a debate that she'd never disagreed with Trump's words and deeds. CNN's Manu Raju mentioned how Loeffler often boasts of her 100 percent pro-Trump voting record, moreso than anything she's specifically done for Georgians. His followup question was more or less, “do you have a spine?"

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Voter Suppression Fest 2020 Kicks Off In Georgia

This is (but shouldn’t be) America.

Early in-person voting started in Georgia Monday, and what we witnessed was hardly democracy in action. People were waiting in lines that snaked around city blocks for almost 10 hours. That's a de facto poll tax and outright disenfranchisement for people with disabilities and parents of small children. It's inexcusable, but that didn't stop officials from trying. God bless.

From CNN:

"Georgia is seeing record turnout for early voting because of excitement and enthusiasm of the upcoming election," said Walter Jones, a spokesperson for the Georgia Secretary of State's office. "Long lines are to be expected — voters need to be aware of all of their options including three weeks of early voting, no-excuse absentee and in-person voting day of the election."

See? Long lines are to be expected, so sit down and shut up. Well, you can't actually sit. You'll have to stand for hours on end, but your tired dogs are no excuse for bellyaching. This is America, where our regularly scheduled elections remain a constant source of surprise.

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