2022 midterms

Rep. Val Demings Ready To Beat Marco Rubio With His Own Water Bottle


Look out, Lil' Marco! Drink your water fast, because Sheriff Demings is coming to arrest your sorry behind.

Well, probably not literally. But this morning, Orlando Rep. Val Demings all but confirmed that she's running for the US Senate in 2022 to put Marco Rubio out of Florida's misery.

Good luck running the RADICAL SOCIALISTS DEFUNDING COPS play on a 27-year law enforcement veteran who was the first woman to head the Orlando Police Department. But no one has ever accused Marco Rubio of being a fast learner.

"While Democrats are flailing to find their next candidate to advance their radical agenda, Senator Rubio is focused on delivering wins for the people of Florida," his spokesman huffed in response to Demings's announcement.

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Liz Cheney's 'Revolution' Will Be Televised

It's your Sunday show rundown!

Liz Cheney was ousted from her GOP House leadership position last week, and it appears her revolution to "save" the GOP is off to a rough start. She was all over the Sunday shows, though.

There were moments when it appeared Cheney may not realize the extent of the rot in conservatism. On "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace set up the interview asking Cheney to respond to GOP Rep. Jim Banks's ridiculous statement about Cheney being a "distraction" from the very important hard work the GOP is doing opposing Joe Biden and trying to win back Congress in 2022. Cheney explained why she could not ignore the truth and just play along with Donald Trump's fantasies, so Wallace asked again with slightly different words:

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Vote suppression

Joe Manchin Throws Voting Rights Under The Bipartisan Bus

He’s still better than a Republican, but ... damn.

Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia is obsessed with bipartisanship. He probably can't name anything good or helpful for the American people that bipartisanship has produced during his entire Senate career, which admittedly isn't that long or distinguished. When he won the special election to replace the late Robert Byrd in 2010, Amy Klobuchar was already in the Senate. Patty Murray has represented Washington since Nirvana was releasing records but she doesn't share Manchin's curious devotion to the filibuster or, as it's known in practice, the "Democrat Face Puncher 9000."

The Senate is currently debating the For the People Act, which is in essence a “Stop Republicans From Cheating" bill. Even really dumb Republicans such as Ron Johnson and Marsha Blackburn, who can barely find their couch in their living room, aren't dumb enough to support a "Stop Republicans From Cheating" bill. This is why the bill is DOA as long as Republicans have the "Democrat Face Puncher 9000" handy.

But Manchin is convinced there's a bipartisan solution. He's the one who deserves the nickname "Sleepy Joe"; he obviously hasn't been awake for the past decade. Manchin favors more “measured voting reform," so presumably a “Stop Republicans From Cheating Too Much" bill. He said he'd support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which is more “narrowly tailored" legislation. It would specifically restore elements of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that the Supreme Court gutted because Chief Justice John Roberts thought racism was over. (He'd probably just fallen asleep while watching The Help.) We should definitely pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, but it's already died once in committee because Republicans won't willingly stop cheating. They have to do it. It's part of their lifestyle.

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Right Wing Extremism

Your Sunday Show Rundown Is Conservatives In Chaos! (Again.)

We watch so you never have to.

The confederacy of dunces that is the Republican Party is still at war with itself.

Much has been made about Wyoming representative Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick, almost certainly losing her GOP House leadership position for consistently affirming that Donald Trump lost the election and incited the January 6 insurrection. While Wonkette won't be crying tears of sorrow for a Cheney, we can also recognize that Republicans replacing her for not being beholden to a tinpot dictator wannabe is insane.

Take Indiana GOP Rep. Jim Banks, who is leading the charge to remove Cheney, on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace. Wallace began by pointing out that the person that Republicans want to replace Cheney with, New York FOP Rep. Elise Stefanik, is not quite as conservative as Cheney, which means this decidedly is not about policy, but rather something else:

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