22 Million Missing Bush Emails Found, Probably In Alberto Gonzales' Pants

22 Million Missing Bush Emails Found, Probably In Alberto Gonzales' Pants

Hooray, some "White House contractors" have located 22million emails missing from the Bush Administration's eight-year crime spree. Some do-gooder group or another sued the White House for access to these obviously incriminating records of daily operations under Bush/Cheney, and whaddya know, 22 million emails were suddenly found, probably on a thumb drive in Alberto Gonzales' anus, just like in that William Gibson story. Once cleansed by technicians at the National Archives, all references to plotting and perpetuating 9/11, Iraq, Katrina and the assassination of Dumbledore will be removed.

The missing Bush Administration emails, do you remember what a big deal this was, during the later years of the Bush Administration? There was, we think, some kind of controversy involving a private GOP company "handling" the Bush-Cheney crime correspondence, so it wasn't even routed through the White House mail servers, or something. It was a serious issue!

Oh yeah and GOP IT guru Mike Connell, who was blamed/credited for being behind a Secret Rove Email Scam, he was killed in a suspicious small plane crash last December ... a few months after beiing threatened, by ... Karl Rove! Life is weird! (Death, too.) The Bush Administration was more fun than watching Godfather II drunk, wasn't it? [AP]


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