23-Year-Old Unemployed Hill Tool a Real Gift To White House

There are plenty of laughs in this National Journal article about the thousands of unemployed Republican staffers now begging for Bush Administration jobs, but our favorite is this part -- which proves the GOP knew all along that the midterms would be a bloodbath:

The White House has told GOP lawmakers and their staffs that it froze many political slots throughout the government before Election Day just so the administration could be ready to absorb furloughed Republicans. "They were prepared," said one senior House leadership aide, who asked not to be named.
And don't miss the charming tale of the 23-year-old Capitool with all of nine months on the job before his MoC was defeated. We've collected a few gems from this turbo, after the jump.

* The young GOP tool in question was an "executive assistant," or common secretary answering phones.

* Dude has had seven interviews with White House-run departments since the election.

* The Department of Labor offered him a job for more money than he was making on the Hill.

* He won't take it. "It's simply that I don't want to have labor issues stamped on my resume."

* His last paycheck comes next month.

* His parents "underwrite some of his living expenses."

* This guy is supported by his parents, surely belongs to Late Night Shots and has less than a year's experience answering phones. In other words, he's a great addition to any executive-branch department. "They are hiring people who are more qualified than they would otherwise have been able to do," he said.

* Some 3,000 Republicans are seeking Bush Administration jobs.

Executive branch courts Hill staffers left jobless after elections [National Journal]


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