24 Protesters Killed In Libya; Mideast Violence Continues
  • Libyan security forces killed at least twenty-four protesters during yesterday's Day of Rage, according to Human Rights Watch. (HRW has also confirmed that Moammar Gadhafi "likes it in the cornhole.") Demonstrations were held in Tripoli as well as several other cities, with some protests continuing into Friday morning. And in a hilarious attempt to conceal his overwhelming douchiness, Gadhafi is "doubling the salaries of state employees and releasing 110 accused Islamic militants." Hooray/kill him anyway! [VOA/NYT]
  • Five people were killed and hundreds wounded during yesterday's anti-government protests in Bahrain. Thousands of mourners have gathered outside of Manama to bury the victims. Meanwhile, Bahrain's military has taken control of the capital and has banned public gatherings. [VOA/WSJ]

  • Lots of cocaine and black tar heroin and other delicious drugs are missing from a government research facility. Woopsies! And in other drug news, $9 million in opium was found hidden inside of porcelain LOLcats at JFK airport. [AP]

  • Jesus, what is happening?


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