25 Examples Of Headlines You'll Definitely Click On If We Write Them! Tabs, Thurs., April 7, 2022

25 Examples Of Headlines You'll Definitely Click On If We Write Them! Tabs, Thurs., April 7, 2022
Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Dok was supposed to do tabs but he forgot so I'm doing them, which means you get EIGHT STORIES WE SAID EIGHT, so use them wisely.

Oh no, Politico Playbook is talking about a superspreader event in DC this morning! Oh no, Wonkette just used "Politico Playbook" as one of your tabs! Hahahahahahahaha. Also it was the Gridiron Dinner, not the Obama thing at the White House. [Politico Playbook]

Two COVID variants just combined to make one big Frankenstein COVID variant? Neat, Daily Beast, good morning to you as well. [Daily Beast]

Read this conversation between Timothy Snyder and Vox about the true history of Ukraine. [Vox]

While you're at it, read Timothy Snyder's extensive history lesson on the true history of Ukraine. [Timothy Snyder's Substack]

Here's a thing about the religious roots of Russia's war in Ukraine, because of course there's a bullshit religious layer to all this. [Wall Street Journal]

Spotify Russia is quitting. See? Spotify knows how to quit a thing when it wants to. [Washington Post]

In fact, here are all the Washington Post's current updates on the Russia/Ukraine war, in their daily ticker. [Washington Post]

If you have not yet, you absolutely must must must read this wonderful Washington Post story about the carpet cleaner who speaks 24 languages. [Washington Post]

And that's eight stories. Some of them are actually legitimately the tabs we've been saving for a "non-busy" (LOL) day.

But really when you think about it it's like one million stories because a couple of them were the roundup newsletter type bullshit we actually read in the morning. Playbook alone has like 95 links in it. Need more articles? CHECK THE INTERNET, FOLKS.

Need movie recommendations? Please watch Belfast if you haven't yet. It deserves all the Oscars it was nominated for and then one million more. Also we watched Being The Ricardos and it was lovely and last night we watched the 1946 post-war film The Best Years Of Our Lives, which was pretty poignant considering what's going on in the world. Also it has a really good scene where a Nazi sympathizer gets punched.

Finally, we'd be remiss not to add our voices to everyone else absolutely devastated by the death of Eric Boehlert, who as some commenters point out was linked heavily here in these parts. The way that man held the Fox News fuckers' feet to the fire, and all the rest of the media's feet too, was second to none. We threw this together in such a quick pre-coffee haze that we carelessly neglected to say something about it upon first publishing.

And now, that is the end of today's tabs. Stay tuned for the rest of the Wonkette's stories for Thursday!

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