27 Fun Summer Impulse Buys I Think You'll Be Totally Justified In Purchasing. Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 6, 2020

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

That photo of the crowded Georgia high school hallway on this week's first day of school? Oh, it's so much worse than that. (Buzzfeed)

Speaking of schools, reopening, coronavirus, taking the side of cops over the side of health officials, and dickheads, UGH Bill de Blasio, UGH YOU HEAD OF DICK. (Politico)


Montana Sen. Steve Daines knows what pandemic is brewing, and it is a TRIAL LAWYER PANDEMIC that is brewing! In related news, Steve Daines is a choad. β€” KTVH

Well I think this Memphis state senator Democrat lady, Katrina Robinson, should not have bought herself $600,000 worth of shit with federal grants for her for-profit nursing college! (New York Times / complaint)

And I think this Nashville bachelorette party that coughed on a restaurant manager for asking them not to move their tables together because that is the law should go to jail, because I am a carceral feminist. β€” Buzzfeed

Except when it comes to the Supreme Court saying the Orange County, California, jail doesn't have to do anything to mitigate COVID-19 among its prisoners. (Sotomayor dissent)

Doomsday Dad Chad Daybell on trial. For murdering his stepchildren? No, for "destroying evidence" I guess. (Courthouse News)

Ted Cruz PRETTY SURE the antifas are murdering cops, because everyone knows antifas are rightwing-libertarian "boogaloo boys." β€” Intercept

Talking bout Ted Cruz, antifas, and criminalizing the Left. β€” Luke O'Neil

The ADL says Michelle Malkin is a stone cold white supremacist. (ADL)

Joe Biden's VP process is normal and fine, stop weeping that he doesn't it yet. β€” Dan Pfeiffer at MessageBox

Speaking of which, is LA Rep. Karen Bass ready for the national stage? Well, I would like her to be the next speaker of the House when Pelosi hangs it up, but sure. It would be really great though if possible veeps weren't doing gross oppo drops like ERMAGERD BASS BASS WENT TO CUBA, it's transparent and I don't like it. (LA Times / New York Times)

Eleanor Clift thinks it's obviously Kamala Harris, which is fine and great except that this story says the main knock on Susan Rice (besides the unavoidable Benghazi) (and the unavoidable has-never-been-vetted, which freaks me out) is that she says fuck a lot. So now I am ready to burn it all down. β€” Daily Beast

I can't stop laughing.

New York spending a cool billion to help make houses and apartments more energy-efficient. (Grist)

Gen Z dunking on Millennials' "personality traits" is funny except the first half actually apply to Gen X, therefore NOT FUNNY. β€” Buzzfeed

America as told through 20 years of reality dating shows. (Washington Post)

This is just a very good explanation, Jerry Falwell Jr! β€” Crooks & Liars

TWENTY Inspiring Food and Agriculture Stories? Oh how I love you, CivilEats

Oh man, Greek lemon egg (avgolemono) soup, I LOVE THIS WOMAN'S WEBSITE. Only slightly less than Civil Eats. β€” Mediterranean Dish

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