27-Plus Times Customers Crossed The Line! Tabs, Fri., Jan. 29, 2021

27-Plus Times Customers Crossed The Line! Tabs, Fri., Jan. 29, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Nancy Pelosi calls some House members "the enemy within" JUST BECAUSE they keep bringing guns onto the floor of the House and have threatened to execute other members for treason. I assume they are already crying heaving gulping sobs because of the incivility. (Crooks & Liars)

GOP senators' bullshit arguments against convicting Trump. — The Bulwark

GOP senators' bullshit arguments against a COVID relief plan, and Democrats including Joe Manchin telling them HUSH. (NBC News)

A Bulwark nerd looks at 2020 exit polls for how Biden should govern in the most popular manner, without shitting on progressives in the process. Refreshing! (Bulwark)

Oh look, Biden popular. — HuffPost

HEART EYES EMOJI! Biden totally gonna use the Defense Production Act to make factories produce vaccines, and the healthcare nerd you've been following on Twitter this whole time, Andy Slavitt, is COVID response team "senior adviser." Fucking PLEASE. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

An interesting, undecided look at the Internet Democratization of Finance via the delightful trolls of Gamestop. — Derek Thompson at The Atlantic

Fuckin' right, don't try.

The New York Times would like "Joe" (that's President Biden) to can it with the executive orders, weeping great fat tears for the obstructive Congress. Susie Madrak isn't having it. (Crooks and Liars)

"So much for unity!" A compendium of all the GOP whining about those EOs. — American Independent

Dems looking at a fully refundable (meaning you get it whether you're too poor to pay federal taxes or not) monthly check for each kid under 18. DO IT, DO IT. (Business Insider)


Huh! A number of the judges who've already announced in the past week that they're "going senior" so Biden can appoint some replacements were originally appointed by ... George W. Bush! (HuffPost)

Noted Pundit Dok's Girlfriend has died. She was a sweet, sweet lady whom he brought to the dark side. I'll let Dok put her commenter name here if it's appropriate, but you knew her and she was your and our friend. Be extra nice to Dok today please, as if you all aren't every day. [Dok here: Thank you so much, Rebecca. In the comments, which we do not allow, she was "Shastakoala," and she occasionally worried that people would mistakenly think the pun was how she thought "cola" is spelled. Then I'd remind her this is Wonkette after all.]

We love you all.

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