30 Months Without Nachos

* Dubs isn't going to pardon Libby for at least a week. [Redstate]

* Henry Kissinger knows how hard is to remember all the illegal shit he's done, keep it all straight. [TSG]

* Al Qaeda is like the dude who shows up to the party uninvited with like 50 of his douchebag friends, gets really drunk, then kills everyone. [Iraq Sloggler]

* Fred Thompson -- actor, statesman -- is the only man who can prevent the collapse of Western civilization [IMAO]

* Tom Tancredo sent an order of Nachos to John McCain's table at Blake's in New Hampshire. There must have been an engagement ring inside, but the happy couple isn't saying whether or not they've set a date. [The Swamp]

* Chris Dodd feels as though he's not getting enough talking time in the Republican debates, either. [Chris Dodd]

* Fox News is sorry, but it just can't help it that all black Congressmen look the same. [Think Progress]


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