30 Petty Yet Satisfying Revenge Stories. Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 3, 2020

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A Minnesota biker who went to Sturgis is the first known to die of coronavirus. (Washington Post)

Here's what I don't get. More than 2000 new coronavirus cases peaked in South Dakota over the past week, starting about one week after Sturgis. So why does everyone, including that Post story, say there are "at least 260" cases linked to Sturgis, over 11 states, with "105" in South Dakota? Why is nobody mentioning the 2000 others just in South Dakota that spiked up a week after Sturgis ended? The WaPo reporters do what they can as far as pointing out "nobody knows" how many are actually infected, but you'd think they could mention "2000" instead of "105."

I'm sorry for the bad link yesterday; here is Breonna Taylor's mother with a million words rushing out of her mouth to Ta-Nehisi Coates, and it's sad and funny and wonderful and terrible. (Vanity Fair)

If you were wondering if there's a difference between armed Black protesters and armed white protesters and which of them Rep. Clay Higgins would film himself threatening to shoot ... well yeah, idiot. (Vice)


Whoo, E. Jean Carroll. The second installment of Carroll's fabulous writing on each woman Trump assaulted ends with a horrific bang. (The Atlantic)

Why are Republicans buying the coronavirus lies? The pro-life movement trained them for it. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Donald Trump says some bullshit about voting twice to "test the system" because then you've got an excuse that way, Bill Barr pretends not to know whether or not that is illegal, whatever, they can fuck off and eat me. (NBC News)

Skim the impossibly long intro to get to the really interesting interview with Stuart Stevens just demolishing his own Republican Party. — Salon

The eerie stability of Trump's approval numbers explained. Well I think it's because they've always been historically low, they can't particularly go any lower, and they'll never go up. (Vox)

Liz says this is "illegal nonsense," so I'm sure he'll stop now, right away.

Hahahah Liz in chatcave, STOLED: "next he'll order it not to rain in red states on election day, but mandate tornadoes in blue states."

The birth of ... wait for it ... QAMOM. — Rolling Stone

Kitty Genovese did not die alone, she was cradled and held by Sophia Farrar — now, 56 years later, dead at 92. (New York Times)

Amazon is hiring some Pinkertons I mean intelligence analysts to track the threat of ... unions. (Vice)

Trump trying to fire the FTC commissioner for not beating up on Twitter I guess? — TechDirt

Okay. The Alaska Green Party nominated Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney for president and vice president instead of (looks it up) Howie Hawkins. No word on whether Ventura accepts the nomination because it's all just nonsense anyway. — Anchorage Press

SER wrote something up about Hilary Swank and a thing called "Away"? It is at the AV Club.

The most breathtakingly beautiful small towns in the world. I pick Santa Maddalena. (Also, a week or two ago we were driving down the very attractive main street in Coeur D'Alene where we did not stop for lunch because TOO CROWDED, WITH IDAHOES, and Donna Rose, agog, asked if we were in NEW YORK CITY.) (Thrillist)

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