35+ Entitled Influencers Who Tried To Get Free Things Online! Tabs, Wed., Nov. 11, 2020

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Why we can be optimistic about the Georgia Senate runoffs. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

How to help! (Toolkit)

The polls were wrong because only nice people answer polling calls, and only Democrats are nice people anymore. — Vox

Who's telling the judge that Trump's Arizona lawsuit is all the bullshits? Deputy Maricopa County Attorney ... Son Of G. Gordon Liddy, wha!!! (Law & Crime)

Oooh, the Trump legal fund is *whistles admiringly* some grift! (Talking Points Memo)

Bill Kristol isn't 100 percent sure that all the Trumpnanigans won't soften the ground to steal the election. — The Bulwark

Shit's going down at the Pentagon, y'all. They're installing Flynn aides as undersecretaries for Intel, and Devin Nunes thugs as chief of staff, and the guy who shoved all whistleblowers into the bin Laden vault as NSC general counsel. I don't know if that's all included in this here Wall Street Journal link, but Evan will be along with a splainer soon because Liz is hiding under her desk.

Sure Old Handsome Joe Biden needs to channel his inner FDR and LBJ, but don't forget HST! (That's Harry S. Truman, not Hunter S. Thompson, whom he should not try to channel, that guy would have been terrible at "president"!) — The American Prospect

Dahlia Lithwick tells Ivanka to GTFO. (Slate)

"Despots are like erections: spineless things that tend to deflate when nobody takes them seriously." Laurie Penny tells Trump to GTFO. (New Statesman)

Don't let people still steal, good lord, your joy about the Biden-Harris win! JOY MATTERS. — Allison Hantschel at Dame

Damon Young reaches a hand of go fuck yourself to his friends across the aisle. (Very Smart Brothas)

Twitter broke itself with the crazy, thank god for Vox.

Well it didn't make me cry like the prima ballerina with Alzheimer's made me cry, but it made me cry a little.

Did you wonder how SNL got Kamala Harris's suit so fast? Me too! (Page Six)

Vanity Fair does not seem to care for Ron Howard's movie adaptation of Hillbilly Elegy!

Jesus People Music Vol. 1: The End Is At Hand. (Aquarium Drunkard)

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