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Is it ... is it good to hire women as honeypots to date and secretly record generals and FBI agents in case they say anything disparaging about Trump? Erik Prince, some ex-British-spy, and Project Veritas think that's just fine. I will wait for Glenn Greenwald to explain me that's what citizen journalism is for. (New York Times / excerpts at Digby's Blog)

In that story, all of a sudden Barbara Ledeen shows up. The former Senate Judiciary Committee staffer was passing on to Project Veritas the National Security Advisor's schedule? Is that allowed? Anyway, she's not on the Judiciary Committee staff anymore! And here's some interesting (as in I can't follow it) new evidence about her spying around with Mike Flynn. She just turns up the damnedest places. (Emptywheel)

And some extra Ledeen background from inestimable Wonk pal Charles P. Pierce. — Esquire

More Big Lies: the Republicans loudly defending the coup. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

House Cold War heating up. (Politico)

Here's a whole bunch of Democratic senators who are itchy about Biden's proposed tax increases, so that's maddening. Bonus, Mitch McConnell bragging that Kyrsten Sinema is his ... let's be PC and say "lackey." (Salon)

Ian Millhiser, who is good, says hang on now, Joe Manchin's voting rights proposal is good actually. (He still wouldn't get rid of the filibuster to pass it though, so ... PROFIT?) (Vox)

Did Colorado Congressman Doug Lamborn let his son crash in the Capitol basement for weeks? I ... what? Isn't that a security hazard lilbit? (Also, it's entirely gross that some — mostly GOP — congressmen live in their offices, and did Nancy Pelosi ever put a stop to that?) A former staffer also alleges he's a dirty intentional COVID spreader, but ... what? — NBC Washington

My neighbor Montana Sen. Greg Hertz is trying to undermine the entire concept of "Montana Supreme Court" and demanding that "Montana Supreme Court" recuse itself from judging validity of "subpoenaing entire Montana Supreme Court" for all their communications to fish around and see if they are BIASSSSS. Montana Supreme Court said go fuck yourself. So presumably next stop is "recall entire Montana Supreme Court." (KTVH)

The part of Obamacare you never heard of, Section 1557, protects trans people's health care and reproductive rights. And it looks like Biden is going to enforce it. — Imani Gandy at Rewire

This gives one pause, even if it is from National Review. Was Rebekah Jones, the Florida COVID data whistleblower, a big old liey-liar?

Nods wisely, yes yes: Louisiana wants to become a sanctuary state ... for fossil fuels. (CleanTechnica)

An interesting profile of Brett Kavanaugh, but one that forgets to mention that as a Ken Starr deputy he was leaking to rightwing reporters that Hillary Clinton lesbian-sexed Vince Foster to death. Still, interesting! — McKay Coppins at The Atlantic

This is a good commercial, ima make out with EVERYONE. But not yet.

Mmmmm business travel. Ima kiss all of you on your faces. But not yet. — Drew Magary at The Defector

Okay, Mediterranean Dish lady, I will make your cilantro lime chicken thighs.

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