37 Organizers For Anyone Who Has Seen A Messy House And Said That Ain’t Right. Tabs, Thurs., May 7, 2020

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Well. Just well. Taffy Brodesser-Akner interviews Val Kilmer, and you didn't know you needed to read this more than you have ever needed anything, today. Take some time to recompose yourself, we'll see you on the other side. (New York Times)

Oh good, you're back. Want to buy Brodesser-Akner's book Fleishman Is in Trouble? I read it in a day on vacation, when Mexico and airplanes still existed. Here's the link.

Even Republicans don't like Trump's proposed payroll tax cut? What is this, Kansas? (Washington Post)

Georgia's numbers are funny things. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Fuckin' tell 'em, Ohio House Democratic Leader Emilia Sykes!

"The Ohio Department of Health has had quarantine and isolation powers since it was established in 1886, and its director has never before needed JCARR oversight — until that director in charge of a pandemic was a woman. A woman who has gained national praise for her prudent and quick response to the coronavirus pandemic and whose decisive actions have saved Ohio lives," Sykes said.

"This is what happens when a single party of mostly men are permitted to dominate both chambers of the state's legislature — their fragile egos are hurt that a woman has more power and is more relevant than they are."


Anyone who wants a test can get a test except actually not even Congress. Hey, remember "if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance" and how it was the LIE OF THE YEAR? Yeah, me either. (Politico)

Poor fucking doctors, having to deal with all of this and then see the conspiracy theorist false flag idiots. — NBC

Poor fucking MTA subway conductors, we are failing fucking everyone. (New York Times)

I agree with this Grist writer's dad. Sometimes I get greedy, and for those of us who have enough, we should let it be enough.

"I do think this virus is a kind of parable," my dad wrote to me[.] "What does it mean?" [...]

I feel the urge to pause here and shield my father from the wrath of people who might read this and think that my dad — who considers stepping on salamanders a grave sin — regards the virus as in any way a good thing. He doesn't. But he does think the lifestyle changes forced by social distancing and economic shutdowns are exposing the privilege behind our habits — my family's, our neighborhood's, and many middle-class Americans'.

"This corona stop shows us, those of us who have and want so much, that we can indeed push on while having and wanting less," he wrote. "I don't know if we are capable of seeing these things ourselves." Consuming more, flying more, manufacturing more — my dad has long held the opinion that humanity's unquenchable thirst for stuff and status will doom us all and the planet to boot. Now, he wondered, "What environmental coalition could have convinced the rich world to slow down for a year in this way?"


Michael Tomasky says the days of American exceptionalism are gone, except for how we are now exceptionally terrible. And he is pissssed. (Daily Beast)

How "freedom" in a pandemic is like "freedom" to die of gunfire. — Charlie Warzel at NYT

Relevant! Some McDonald's employees in OKC got shot because their dining room was closed. (Business Insider)

In case you were worried that we weren't investigating Joe Biden and Ukraine, we are for sure investigating Joe Biden and Ukraine. — Buzzfeed

Trump finally found someone to break the post office. (WaPo)

Gateway Pundit's Cassandra Fairbanks just going for it, like why can't we all be the Unabomber? — RightWingWatch

I love Airbnb. I honestly do. In the Wonkette Lean Years, it paid my rent AND brought cheerful smart Australians to drink beer with me on my couch. But you can't lease 18 apartments, gross a million and a half a year, and then complain that Airbnb gave your guests their money back when coronavirus shut down everything. Ugh, people. While we're on the topic, Airbnb needs to limit the number of properties to *where you actually live* and pay bed taxes to your town and city too, be real. (Wall Street Journal, which is a paywalled site, if you were somehow unaware)

Here are photos of the Park Service plowing Going to the Sun Road, right up the street from me in Glacier National Park and fuuuuuuck that! But also: b'ars!

4-28-2020 - Plowing Going-to-the-Sun Road flic.kr

Hey, cakes otters like! (Time Out)

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