40+ Frugal Hacks To Save Thousands! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 7, 2021

40+ Frugal Hacks To Save Thousands! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 7, 2021

Mitch McConnell blinked or didn't blink who knows it is still yesterday in these parts, and this was what was going on then. (Talking Points Memo) Okay, as of later yestertoday, looks like Dems accepted a deal to ... kick the can down the road for two months. This is how badly they don't want to use reconciliation (no, it wouldn't preclude them from using it for Build Back Better) because they're afraid of being painted as common Democrats, like the GOP isn't going to paint them that way no matter what. I am really fucking annoyed now. (TPM again)

Crazy person killed some people, including his brother for being a pharmacist "poisoning people" with the COVID vaccine. Seems like maybe we should be noticing all the murder they're inciting. — Baltimore Sun

Put on your "lying on the kitchen floor" robe before you read about the 10-year-old girl who was (was) the "class nurse." (Today)

Scientists at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services say the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services is spreading COVID misinformation by saying masks don't work (the department, in writing its "advisory" rule instructing school districts that masks should be optional, used as justification "science and anecdotes" saying masks are bad for children and who even says they work anyway?), because that is exactly what is happening. — Montana Free Press

Pentagon begins "continuous vetting" of the armed forces for traitor extremist pieces of shit, via the un-American means of "looking at their social media posts for swastikas and shit." Oh man, Josh Hawley gonna be piiiiiiissed. (Defense One)

Why is it necessary? Well, it's even more necessary today with all the Oath Keepers in the ranks, but here's a little tidbit of some active duty military who planned to assassinate Barack Obama and poison some apple orchards, for freedom. Also, murdered some folks. — FEAR, Wikipedia

Damn, Ross Douthat, could you feel it? — "What, Me Weimar?" at Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

If you want to clerk for a federal judge, just start texting "I hate black people" and get fired from Turning Point USA (for it coming out). — Above the Law

Liz is SHAKING HER DAMN HEAD that former Congressman — and Director of National Intelligence! — John Ratcliffe is paying his wife $3000 a month for "compliance" for his old zombie congressional war chest, because that lady has a real life job at a real life law firm, and she's going to dirty herself up for $3000 a month??? No, Liz: $3000 a month plus "the campaign has also recently spent money on a storage-unit rental and two meals at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming." Same. (Forbes)

Why yes, there is more with that South Carolina GOP lawyer with all the murdered family who tried to have himself "killed," and it is about his dead housekeepers and the money he stole from her sons! — Daily Beast

AT&T is funding poisonous rightwing "news" station OAN to the tune of some tens of millions of dollars, this story is disgusting and dispiriting, please cheer me up by sending money or snacks. (Reuters)

Kellogg cereal workers on strike. — Lawyers Guns & Money

Something about USDA help for ... ??? supply chain? small farmers? Meat? I don't know, they should hire some Wonkers to write their press releases, this one is zzzzzzzzz. (USDA)

The New Deal devalued the women (usually women of color) who did care work. These women are waiting for Build Back Better to do what FDR didn't. — 19th News

No, only Zodiac Killers in the building!(SF Gate)

These are not the most annoying frugal hacks I have ever seen, enjoy! (More Hackz)

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