40 Funny Bathroom Signs Spotted In Public! Tabs, Mon., June 20, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

It's 4 o'clock on Father's Day, and who ain't got no tabs open? IT ME!

Let's make some shit up real quick while Shy puts the ribs on the grill!

Herschel Walker never denied his three secret children! He just never told anyone they existed or paid child support without a fight. Poor reporting by AP just repeats what he told a church. (AP)

I hope you can read this New York Times gift link this time, by Rev. Sen. Raphael Warnock on his dad teary heart-hug emoji.

Goldie Taylor's search for her father's killer. Oh man, I can't read this one yet. Maybe I will tomorrow! I'm gonna try tomorrow! — Daily Beast

Forty Feet: Trump sicced a murder weapon on his own vice president. (EmptyWheel)

What if there had been no "Team Normal" on January 6? Well, it might have gone slightly worse! But there weren't a hell of a lot of "adults in the room" in the first place. — Ben Jacobs at Vox

John Eastman, garbage man. (Editorial Board)

January 6 hearings are giving Trumpers an offramp, should they choose to accept it. (CHOOSE IT DUMMIES JESUS CHRIST.) — The Atlantic

Here is an old story about very genius people who DQed solar in their North Carolina town because they were worried that solar panels would suck up all the energy from the sun, not leaving any for anyone else :( — Science Alert

It's bad news for feminism, again. We're outre without being coolly retro. And the Right is going scorched earth against women just as we're tired the fuck out, and we're embarrassing the children.(Michelle Goldberg at New York Times)

It's Operation Save Abortion! Feminism may be in the shit, pollwise, but abortion support is the highest it's ever been. — Abortion Access Front

How to make candied bacon, obviously. Tab was open to remind me of oven temp when I quick put out a BLOODY MARY BAR this morning, and made a sweet potato frittata! (Potatoes are inflammatory for Shy's poor terrible neck.)

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