40+ Times When It Seemed Life Hadn't Finished Buffering! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 15, 2021

40+ Times When It Seemed Life Hadn't Finished Buffering! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 15, 2021

Judge dismisses lawsuit from wacko (astroturf) parents group "Let Them Breathe" against Gavin Newsom for making their babies breathe in their own filth. LOL. (San Diego Union Tribune)

Fake news, judge, Gavin Newsom already died of execution in Guantanamo after dying of "booster shot."

Politifact claims Real Raw News MADE UP the story about an "unknown number of Marines sent by United States Marine Forces Special Command" [that] killed two California state police officers guarding [Gavin] Newsom's residence, narrowly missed catching Newsom's wife and children as they escaped into a fortified safe room, and took Newsom, unconscious and on life support, and his doctor away into custody." So probably "half true" then, right Politifact? I bet Real Raw News is making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

"A self-described osteopathic physician who claims she saw a self-aware organism point at her from a sterile COVID-19 vaccine sample has likely misjudged her findings of common contamination debris, experts have told Reuters." She saw the baby and the baby looked at her! (Reuters / Wonkette)

What did everyone die of who didn't die of plague? A handy list!

Several of those terms defined! Mental Floss

I vaguely wonder if any deep-pocketed people helped this random Ohio Senate candidate pay for his campaign ads Jewing up Josh Mandel, hmmm? (Politico)

"Be quiet, stupid boy! You lousy bastard!" yelled the 94-year-old Polish Warsaw Uprising veteran at whatever the Polish version of a Proud Boy is, heart hug emoji. — Yahoo


Biden had a very, very good week. How many stories did you have to scroll past to see the good jobs numbers? About 70 at Washington Post and CNN. And how did the NYT frame the infrastructure bill passing? LOL, you know. — Eric Boehlert at Press Run

Pandemic gun buying combined with a loss of gun regulations and a hot political temp: Mother Jones says gun violence maybe about to get a whole lot worse.

God fuck I love the Pope. (Vatican)

I don't know what Pro Publica (which is the best!) is thinking with this hit on St. Jude's children hospital. "They say people won't have to worry about anything but their kid getting better, and yet St. Jude puts money away in its reserve and does not even pay people's car payments." On the one hand, Pro Publica's questioning led St. Jude to announce it would pay for travel and housing for both parents instead of one, which is even more terrific. On the other hand, come on now. (Pro Publica)


French Quarter tours for kids! — French Quartours Kids

Sixty-one years ago yesterday, Ruby Bridges desegregated Louisiana schools (attended class by herself for a year). (The Guardian)

Let's all read this perfect Aimee Mann profile and interview, let's! — The Guardian

You Know, I Used to Be Cool Once, by Sting. (The Onion)

Galaxy comes from milk. That's cool. — The Dictionary

Okay, they're pretty fun photos. (Doc Journal)

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