• SEND YOUR IDEAS FOR PAULTARDPALOOZA PRE-GAMING: We need more suggestions for our Wonkette Paultardpalooza Drinking Binge At Nine A.M. On Saturday Party. Here is one reader's plan: "I don't have a place where one can safely become intoxicated enough for a Paultard march that starts at 9am, but I know Glenmont Metro station's still got a load of construction equipment on the top floor. It's perfect for 'pre-gaming' before an literary assault on The Hill. Security there has been laid-off, and no one really goes to that end of the line that early on a Saturday, unless their hungover and trying to get stoned. The Stainedglass Pub is also right there, good bar food, cheap booze, layed back bartenders." This all sounds fantastic, except for the fact that Glenmont is at the END OF THE RED LINE, a.k.a. Outer Space ("Maryland"). Oh, and to any Capitol Hill bars out there: If you open at 9 a.m. for us, we will give you all the publicity you ever wanted.

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