• OH RIGHT, SHE WAS PREGNANT OR SOMETHING: Hey remember Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, and how she got herself pregnant to distract attention from a DailyKos diarist-generated scandal about Trig actually being Bristol's secret "other" baby which led Andrew Sullivan to DEMAND PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of Trig popping out of Sarah Palin's vag, everyday, until... oh, he's still doing that... and then Rudy Giuliani called the liberal media sexist for this at a political convention while Kathryn Jean Lopez prayed for her own secret "other" Down Syndrome bastard child to arrive via stork? You do! Well, Bristol Palin's baby is supposedly due on Saturday, according to a hilarious interview with Bristol's grandfather, Chuck Heath, on the website "Grandparents.com." [Grandparents.com]

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