THE BEST CONSERVATIVE MOVIES OF THE LAST 25 YEARS: "#12. The Dark Knight (2008): This film gives us a portrait of the hero as a man reviled. In his fight against the terrorist Joker, Batman has to devise new means of surveillance, push the limits of the law, and accept the hatred of the press and public. If that sounds reminiscent of a certain former president—whose stubborn integrity kept the nation safe and turned the tide of war—don’t mention it to the mainstream media."

Imagine having to wake up every morning as the guy who wrote this blurb. When this guy watches the latest fucking Batman summer blockbuster movie -- one set in a fantasized, intentionally dumbed-down, black-and-white world of rich superhero vigilantes who tangle with nihilistic clowns, actual sociopath clowns -- he immediately thinks, "I fucking love George W. Bush because of this movie," and then whines about how the MSM won't print such truths.

The guy who starts an earnest sentence with, "In his fight against the terrorist Joker..." is criticizing other journalists.

Osama bin Liden isn't living a very high-profile lifestyle of daily crime in Manhattan! And he's not in Iraq, either! [The Corner]


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