Wingnut Jesus Freaks Want New, Respectful Name


Mom!So we were flipping through Christianity Today -- we read it for the articles! -- and saw that the Religious Right doesn't want to be called the Religious Right anymore, because they are losers, and they have failed, finally. What to call these Trans-fat Taliban of the Unemployed American Heartland? Let's have a fun poll!

Here's the gist of their complaint:

However, several politically conservative evangelicals said in interviews that they do not want to be identified with the "Religious Right," "Christian Right," "Moral Majority," or other phrases still thrown around in journalism and academia.

"There is an ongoing battle for the vocabulary of our debate," said Gary Bauer, president of American Values. "It amazes me how often in public discourse really pejorative phrases are used, like the 'American Taliban,' 'fundamentalists,' 'Christian fascists,' and 'extreme Religious Right.'"

Gary Bauer? Didn't Dan Savage give him AIDS back in the '90s?

But we must agree with Bauer that such old-fashioned phrases as "Christian fascists" are just tired. We've been bored with that "American Taliban" bit for ages, and only started using it again this month when the Republicans decided to formally embrace their backwards-ass fanatic brethren in Afghanistan.

So here are some new suggestions. Once we have a winner, make sure to use it on DailyKos and Democratic Underground and Air America every fucking day, about everything, so it will be totally ineffectual by, say, next month:

[poll id="3"]


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