BAN-HAMMER OF THE GODS: Folks, things have become a bit intolerable in our previously fun & funny comments section. You should know better, etc., but for the sake of Good Manners we're going to repeat some very basic rules.

  • Do not link to your own blogs. That is called "link whoring" and it's one of the basic no-nos of the Internet. Don't do it. If you've got something you want featured on Wonkette, send a tip to the tips line -- we read them all.
  • Please stay on topic unless it's an open-thread kind of post. (AND EVEN THEN SHOW SOME BASIC CONVERSATIONAL DECORUM.) We are tired of seeing the first several goddamned comments having absolutely nothing to do with the post.
  • Limit yourself. Police yourself. Do you need to make a hundred fucking comments about nothing, per post? No, you don't. Good comments make a good site much better. Jabbering nonsense makes a good site intolerable. We can ban people for any reason -- we are not Huffington Post, for god's sake -- but we will begin aggressively banning people who can't keep their comments down to a few relevant contributions per post.
  • We will take nominations for the Ban Hammer at this moment.

We love and appreciate our many, many witty & informed commenters. And we're glad to have anybody who wants to join in our drunken salon and give it a go. But we are going to ban the fuck out of anybody, ANYBODY, who doesn't instantly -- as in right now -- start following some basic conversational protocol around here. HILARIOUS HIVE-MIND WONKETTE UPDATE: While your editor was writing this measured response to the Comment Crisis, your other editor Jim Newell just cold fuckin' banned like five lamers.


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