WIN OF THE AFTERNOON: In some post about something or other, a potential human called "Bill" tapped out a comment so weird and confusing that we cannot figure out if he's a libtard or a wingnut or what! Of course he thinks Wonkette is a "she," which is pretty normal for these drive-bys, but he gets the Invisible Trophy anyway, because he drove the conversation, off a four-foot cliff, into a cat box.

Wonkette - do ever read this shit? You’re liberal and biased so I understand you slanted views, but the people who leave comments here are real wingnuts (I wanted to use so many different adjectives but I am trying to make a point). There is not a clear thought in the bunch, none are in any way informed and they are just nasty, dirty, disrepectful and stupid people. There isn’t a basement anywhere big enough to hold them all. They use nicknames and avatars because they don’t have the stones to leave their names. You may try to write an intelligent blog, but if you were to be judged by your readers then you just don’t make it.



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