WIN OF THE AFTERNOON: Commenting on this ridiculous news that Palin's shopping around a crappy AM radio talk show, TeddyS provides a chillingly accurate transcript from the near future.

"Welcome to my Real America radio show! This radio show is mine to talk to Real Americans about issues about Real Americans, you betcha’. And also to honor the troops, too, I won’t be making stuff up. My first is why President Osambo is not a Real American, because he was never even born! In the second hour of my Fox Radio Network radio show, the Real America, we will talk on other stuff, like why everybody picks on me and makes stuff up about me. My first Fox poll numbers are in and my new radio show, Really America, has already Number Oned, Numero Uno, as our illegal immigrant friends like to say when they shoot Real Americans. Now this message from my sponsor, the Democratic National Committee."


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