Happy Tax Day, American Whiners!

Happy Tax Day, American Whiners!

  • It's that one day of the year when everybody pretends to be Concerned About Taxes and the IRS, even though half of this nation's workers don't pay any federal tax and most people who do pay taxes believe it's a pretty fair deal. But this weird bipartisan tax-simplification scheme by two senators -- Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon and Republican Judd Gregg of New Hampshire -- is at least being taken seriously. Three tax brackets instead of six, all the popular credits and breaks remain, a lot more automatic personal deductions to make Itemized Deduction Hell go away for all but the richest people, the end to many corporate tax breaks, a one-page 1040 for almost everyone ... could anyone be against this common sense thing? Maybe those people who sell the tax-preparation software? [Marketwatch/Atlantic]
  • British flights are grounded because a massive cloud of volcanic ash is moving in from the latest eruption in Iceland. This is kind of like when the dinosaurs were killed off. [BBC News]
  • That Tea Party poll also reveals teabaggers to be equally scared of socialism and somebody (black people, actually) taking their Social Security. [New York Times]
  • After a week of indescribable bliss, iPad owners realized their new devices are actually useless, so now the expensive things are being sold off or returned. [Valleywag]

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