• HA! Ben "Wario" Nelson just voted no on beginning the financial reform debate, because he's an asshole from an asshole state who must do whatever the Republicans tell him ever since the health care reform debate, when he single-handedly legalized abortion for tweens. There is now Major Bipartisan Opposition to this bailout bill of bailouts. UPDATE: Oh, ha, that update never saved. The motion to proceed was voted down 57 to 41, as you know by now. Harry Reid voted no as well, but only so he could re-introduce it later, which he will. This means nothing, really, except REPUBLICANS ARE FOR WALL STREET OMG! UPDATE II: It appears Ben Nelson flipped because Omaha's own Warren Buffett -- who famously called derivatives "financial weapons of mass destruction" in his 2003 shareholders' report -- didn't get the exemption in derivatives regulation he wanted to protect Berkshire Hathaway's $50+ billion portfolio of derivatives. Everyone is an asshole.

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