SOMEONE'S GOT SENIORITIS REAL BAD: Oh, hey, check out who was one of the two Senate Democrats who didn't bother showing up for last night's financial reform vote! HA HA VOTING ON THINGS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO GIVE A SHIT (and haven't had their hearts broken by a fickle electorate, boo hoo). The other Dem absentee was Robert Byrd, who may well have died weeks ago for all we know. Specter's surly, petulant absence required who knows what last-minute desperate promises to Chuck Grassley, the only non-New England Republican to vote for the bill. (A ban on criticism of Twitter misspellings? Sure, let's say that.) UPDATE: Smarty-pants commentor "rafflesinc" points out that Specter and Byrd were there for the cloture vote, which Grassley voted against. Christ, the Senate is confusing. I suppose the two of them just decided that since passage was assured they'd just go out behind the Capitol and do lines of Dutch Cleanser off the sidewalk. [NYT]

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