Here's lots of Foreign News for you, first some from Spain and then some from France: Spain won the World Cup! Hooray! What hard-hitting journalism about the tournament did theWashington Post produce? Did it involve interviews with "man-body" experts? Was it full of errors? Of course!

Plenty of blogs and picture friendly magazines have pointed out that the World Cup soccer players, like humans can be, are very attractive. The Washington Post, however, to prove it's a publication capable of in-depth reporting, went one step further and interviewed numerous "man-body" experts from a very reputable source: Playgirl. Their discovery? Soccer players are "... super-regular. Only better." GOOD TO KNOW.

But leave it to the Post reporters to ogle the players, degrade women who watch soccer, and still manage to get the facts wrong: Pedro Rodriguez does not have long, "chocolate locks," Carles Puyol does.

If you're at loss for what to do without men to stare at, don't worry, DC is home to the Fab Lounge and as well as quite a few other strip clubs. On the off chance you may actually miss the sport, it does exist in DC.

And now we turn our Foreign News to the international country of France: French people may have brought shame to their country with their performance in the World Cup, but they did do a great job storming the Bastille way back when. If you feel a need to celebrate the French copy of July 4, which seems to be a Big Deal in DC, celebrate on Bastille Day, July 14, with any of the following:

  • Bastille Day Waiter's Races: Americans have fireworks, and the French have racing waiters. Waiters and waitress from area restaurants will compete in a 12-block race, while carrying trays of champagne, along Pennsylvania Ave. Nothing says "woo freedom" like the ability to not drop drinks while running. [Bastille Day Waiters Races]
  • Bastille Day Block Party: Well, the French have racing waiters as well as racing French Maids. It seems for the French, there's a natural relation between storming a castle and service people who can run fast. But the French Maids races at L'Enfant Cafe are always a good time, and this year, the races will be be followed by a Masquerade Ball. Doors open at 4 p.m., the relay race starts at 8 p.m., and the festivities end around 11 p.m. Cost is $5. [L'Enfant Cafe]
  • Napoleon Bistro: What better way to celebrate a holiday you probably don't care about than with free booze? Wear green, white, and red -- you must wear all three -- and you'll get a free glass of champagne. [Napoleon Bistro]
  • Bistro Du Coin: The celebration at this French restaurant is, amazingly, void of servants and speed. It instead includes dancing on tables and bars, and drinking copious amounts of wine while dancing to non-stop techno music. Fun starts at 11 p.m. It's free, but expert to wait outside in line for a while -- there's a "one-in, one-out policy." [Bistro Du Coin]
  • Bastille: If you desire to celebrate by eating French food, the apropos place to go would be Bastille in Alexandria. They are offering a three-course prix fixe dinner for $35. Or you can visit one of the thousand crepe places that have recently opened in our fair city.

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