Wednesday, August 11: Forget the popsicles, slushies, and snow cones, it's too damn hot in D.C. to be refreshed by a gimmick. Just find a bar with excellent air conditioning, sit, drink, and do not move. Try Recessions -- their $4.00 "King Kong" 28 ounce drafts don't taste like ambiguous artificial fruit. They taste like beer, which is nothing but refreshing. [Recessions]

  • Thursday, August 12: Hop on the White Man Shuttle and transplant yourself to Star and Shamrock on H Street NW for FREE Hebrew Draft Beer and/or Irish Whiskey, Thursday from 6 to 8:00pm. [What's the Deal Happy Hour]
  • Monday, August 16 through Sunday, August 22: Oh, look: Restaurant Week is upon us yet again. Either you love Restaurant Week because you can't get enough of prix-fixe menus, or you hate it because the portions are often smaller and you could probably get a better deal by just ordering off the regular menu. Pick your poison kids, but if you're in, make your reservations now. [DC Restaurant Week]
  • Food to Look Forward to: A new burger restaurant will be opening soon in Dupont Circle, right down the street from another burger restaurant that's slated to open in the Fall. Both of these burger restaurants happen to be down the street from another burger restaurant, which happens to be down the street from another burger restaurant. Why should we have supermarkets when we can eat gourmet hamburgers every night? [Shake Shack and Go Burger via Prince of Petworth]
  • New Food: Guess what? A new hamburger restaurant, Desperados, just opened at 14th and U Streets, NW. But it's at least in a low-density hamburger zone and it does serve a mighty tasty Cajun burger. Plus the restaurant has Abita on tap and some of the nicest waiters in the city. If you're okay with gourmet hamburgers slowly becoming the only sustenance available in D.C., Desperados is definitely one of the better options. [Desperados]

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