TOP SECRET COMMINIQUÉ TO WONKETTE COMMENTERS: When the raven dives for a dragonfly and the dog barks at midnight, the monikers and pass-codes of the past will perish like art without patronage. What? Yes, this is an encrypted message, found at a dead drop in a Northern Virginia suburban park.

[youtube expand=1]

YOUR MISSION:Go to this mysterious website. Register your commenter name -- or if you already use your commenter name under "OpenID" or some other scheme, you're already set.

Before the full moon is halved, you will need this new identity. (And if you've been Banhammered for one offense or another, consider this a one-time amnesty for past crimes; but no insurance against future banning should be implied from this goodwill offer.)

AND YES: All your past comments since the Great Wonkette Purge of May the Fourteenth 2008 shall remain on the site, but the comment login you use today shall not work once La Luna is but a half of her current self. And your little picture buddy ("James Cameron's The Avatar") will appear provided you have uploaded it to the Gravatar site.


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