448.077 Voters Consistently Hate On Lieberman

What are the chances?

Ned Lamont got the same number of votes as Lieberman's Republican opponent in 2000, Phil Giordano.

Is that an invitation to remember the incredible kiddie-sex crimes of the ex-mayor of Waterbury? You're damn right it is! Make the jump, for America.

The GOP state representative and three-term mayor didn't beat Lieberman, obviously, so he continued with his duties at Waterbury City Hall: Having sex with pre-teen children provided by a prostitute (also Giordano's law client).

When Giordano was sentenced to 37 years in federal prison for his awful child-abuse crimes, U.S. District Judge Alan Nevas had this to say:

"This case is the worst I have ever seen. Your conduct is the worst I have ever seen. I've seen drug dealers, murderers. What you did is indescribable."

What he did included making the whore bring her daughters -- ages 8 and 10 -- and 17-year-old niece to City Hall to give the mayor blowjobs.

The feds recorded some of his cute phone conversations with the prostitute, including "I want one of the little girls" and "If my name gets mentioned, you might as well put a knife through your throat and kill yourself."

Oh Phil, you could've been a Cocktober Contender.

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